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Wedding Booklet Printing

Wedding Booklet Printing: Spotlight on Axtell Photography

At Dazzle Printing, we enjoy all of our clients, but it is always especially fun when we get to work with an artist and bring their creations to life on paper. Stephanie Axtell is a wedding photographer based in North Carolina, and we’ve had the honor of printing her wedding booklet printing project for new clients. Continue reading

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saddle stitch magazine printing

Saddle Stitch Magazine Printing: Spotlight on Chess Collectors International

One of the best parts of living in a more globally-connected world is how easily people with similar interests can now be brought together. Chess Collectors International is an example of this kind of group, brought together by their mutual interest in collecting chess sets and other chess-related products. We worked with the group’s editor, Duncan, to print this saddle stitch magazine printing project. Continue reading

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color newsletter printing

Color Newsletter Printing: Spotlight on Friends of Sierra Leone

There is no better way to keep in touch with a community than by sending a newsletter, and Patricia at Friends of Sierra Leone knows this very well! FoSL is a non-profit organization formed by people who had served in Sierra Leone in the Peace Corps and others who have a heart for aiding in the development and well-being of the West African country. Their color newsletter printing projects keep their widespread members and contributors abreast of projects, challenges, and progress, while celebrating their many successes. Continue reading

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comic book printing

Comic Book Printing: Spotlight on Magenta Moon Media

We are always interested in our client’s work, but sometimes we get to work on a project that is truly unique, like this comic book printing project! The multimedia comic series “The Lunatic’s Fringe” works in tandem with a musical album to tell the story of a band using their skills to fight The Party of No, who are trying to destroy rock ‘n roll forever. Continue reading

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Mystery book printing

Mystery Book Printing: Spotlight on Evolve Today

It is always an honor when we are trusted with the task of realizing the vision of creative individuals. That trust is even more of a privilege for us when working with a client who advocates for those creative people, time and time again! In this case, Shelley Bosford, the editor and publisher at Evolve Today, turned to us for help with a mystery book printing project: the next in a series by one of the self-published authors she promotes, Christine Oarr Eggleston. Continue reading

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brand logo

Why Your Logo Matters

It has never been more important to be able to immediately communicate a clear and powerful message. As human beings, we have always been intensely visual creatures, but as our collective attention span grows shorter and shorter, the use of symbols as primary communication tools (emojis, anyone?) is no longer supplemental, but essential. Continue reading

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professional printed announcements

I Have Big News! Professional Printed Announcements

In today’s digital world, it can seem like professional printed announcements are a thing of the past. However, the more people and companies turn to email and social media marketing, the more difficult it is to stand out in the crowd. Continue reading

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color matching

Color Matching: Pantone to CMYK

It can be frustrating to deal with color inconsistency when switching from one process to another. Color matching is always difficult. One solution is to print only with spot inks, like Pantone, but that quickly becomes exorbitantly expensive. So when you are designing or printing on a budget and it’s time to choose between processes, it’s good to know that you can convert to a cheaper option in CMYK. Continue reading

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logo design

Why Your Logo Design Matters

Okay, so you’re starting out on a new business adventure. You’ve got a great prototype and funding is starting to come together. Your company name is fresh, relevant, and just a bit cheeky. Now you just need to slap some color on that typeface and you’re all set, right? Continue reading

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direct mail marketing

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Mail

In today’s economy, no one wants to waste money…especially on your direct mail marketing. Our six dos and don’ts of direct mail marketing will ensure that you don’t waste a penny! Continue reading

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