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logo design

Why Your Logo Design Matters

Okay, so you’re starting out on a new business adventure. You’ve got a great prototype and funding is starting to come together. Your company name is fresh, relevant, and just a bit cheeky. Now you just need to slap some color on that typeface and you’re all set, right? Continue reading

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direct mail marketing

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Mail

In today’s economy, no one wants to waste money…especially on your direct mail marketing. Our six dos and don’ts of direct mail marketing will ensure that you don’t waste a penny! Continue reading

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Color Brochure Printing

Make Your Color Brochure Printing Dazzle!

Great color brochure printing helps you sell your business, your products, and your services. It needs to stand out to capture attention. So, if you are in a frazzle about how to make your color brochure printing dazzle, then here are some tips to help: Continue reading

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design magazine printing

Design Magazine Printing: Spotlight on Create Luck Realty

What’s not to love about this gorgeous design magazine printing project? We’ve had the pleasure of working with Dani at Create Luck Realty, Design & Lifestyle for four of their magazine issues. Dani’s company specializes in interior decorating, styling, de-cluttering, organization and light staging, in addition to realty and lifestyle services. Continue reading

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Postcard Design

7 Postcard Design Tips for Exciting Postcards

Postcards. When you think about postcard design, do you get excited? Ready to be entertained? Probably not! But believe it or not, deltiology, the study and collecting of postcards, is the third largest collecting hobby in the world, behind stamps and coins/currency (Source: The American Philatelist). Continue reading

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printed marketing materials

The Power of Printed Marketing Materials

Digital marketing has become a very important part of successful marketing strategies for most businesses. It’s become a necessity to have an online presence so that customers can learn about your business. But as important as digital is, if you do not have printed marketing materials, you are overlooking opportunities to reach customers in different ways. Continue reading

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creative print marketing

Get Their Attention with Creative Print Marketing

Catching a customer’s eye is becoming more and more difficult as people are inundated with advertisements everywhere they look. Some companies launch huge campaigns featuring celebrities, hit songs, and expensive effects just to try to break through all of the advertising noise. Continue reading

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real estate postcards

On the Fridge or in the Recycling: Real Estate Postcards

Every week, we get multiple flyers and postcards in the mail from real estate agents and brokers. They are all colorful, well laid-out and have no typos. They all claim to know the most about our city because they are our neighbors, but very few of them aren’t immediately tossed in the bin. What separates the fridge-worthy from the readily-recycled? Changing, new content and useful information. Continue reading

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Color Choices

How Your Color Choices Speak to Your Audience

For those who don’t believe that color choices matter, here’s something to ponder: the Australian government now requires that cigarettes be sold in “plain packaging” using Pantone 448C opaque couché, or, “the world’s ugliest color,” along with more warning labels. The goal is to prevent people from being misled (lighter colored packs may be assumed to contain less tar, etc.) and to make the purchase less appealing. Continue reading

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Sports Team Printing

GO TEAM! Use Sports Team Printing to Keep Fans in the Loop

It’s finally summer and for many of us that means it’s time to get out the sunscreen, cooler box, and camp chair…because we’ll be watching local sports! Most of us are limited to watching our own little aspiring athletes making their way around the bases or taking corner kicks. Continue reading

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