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Trifold Brochure Printing: Spotlight on Days for Girls

This colorful trifold brochure printing project was for Days for Girls, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving girls in less developed countries the education and resources necessary to manage their personal hygiene. Continue reading

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Dermatology Magazine Printing: Spotlight on Capital Laser & Skin Care

Capital Laser & Skin Care is a dermatological clinic in the Washington, D.C. area. They provide customized, high-tech treatments while offering the utmost professionalism and privacy for their clients. Continue reading

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Cultural Book Printing: Spotlight on Odiseas Centroamericanas

Odiseas Centroamericanas is an organization working to find and promote cultural stories from Central America. It was started by Efrain Figueroa and Rosibel Ochoa when they discovered a lack of stories that reflect the rich cultures in the different countries of Central America, particularly when it came to children’s and young adult literature. By collecting the stories and putting them into fun, bilingual formats of cultural book printing, they are able to both reach a broad audience and ensure that children can learn about their heritage. Continue reading

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Price Sheet Catalog Printing: Spotlight on Gene Rich Specialities

Gene Rich Specialties is based in Fort Worth, Texas and can supply you with just about any part or piece needed in plumbing, HVAC, and even hardware for remodeling! They pride themselves on their “Eager Beaver Service” and were certainly a pleasure to work with on their price sheet catalog printing project. Continue reading

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Instruction Book Printing: Spotlight on Cynthia Knox Fine Art

As we’ve noted previously on our blog, we love to work with artists at Dazzle Printing! When we work with Cynthia, it’s even more rewarding because she uses her artwork to teach others. Her company, Cynthia Knox Fine Art, holds art classes that reach people everywhere – in person and online. Her instruction book printing project teaches readers how to draw a puppy and kitten. Continue reading

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Saddle Stitch Booklet Printing: Spotlight on West Pasco Habitat for Humanity

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: working with nonprofit organizations is always a wonderful, meaningful experience. With Habitat for Humanity, it is a privilege to get to see the positive change and results that they bring about for their communities from their saddle stitch booklet printing project. Habitat for Humanity provides homes for low-income people who would otherwise live in poor conditions. West Pasco Habitat for Humanity is a community-level group that helps the less fortunate in the Tampa region of Florida. Continue reading

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Trade Journal Printing: Spotlight on Pet Professional Guild

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) is a non-profit group that is dedicated to holistic and healthy animal care. They provide information, resources, equipment, and training tips for both animal professionals and pet owners to stay up-to-date on the newest methods in care. One of their educational tools is the publication of their trade journal printing project, BARKS from the Guild. Continue reading

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Wedding Booklet Printing: Spotlight on Stephanie Axtell Photography

At Dazzle Printing, we enjoy all of our clients, but it is always especially fun when we get to work with an artist and bring their creations to life on paper. Stephanie Axtell is a wedding photographer based in North Carolina, and we’ve had the honor of printing her wedding booklet printing project for new clients. Continue reading

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Saddle Stitch Magazine Printing: Spotlight on Chess Collectors International

One of the best parts of living in a more globally-connected world is how easily people with similar interests can now be brought together. Chess Collectors International is an example of this kind of group, brought together by their mutual interest in collecting chess sets and other chess-related products. We worked with the group’s editor, Duncan, to print this saddle stitch magazine printing project. Continue reading

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color newsletter printing

Color Newsletter Printing: Spotlight on Friends of Sierra Leone

There is no better way to keep in touch with a community than by sending a newsletter, and Patricia at Friends of Sierra Leone knows this very well! FoSL is a non-profit organization formed by people who had served in Sierra Leone in the Peace Corps and others who have a heart for aiding in the development and well-being of the West African country. Their color newsletter printing projects keep their widespread members and contributors abreast of projects, challenges, and progress, while celebrating their many successes. Continue reading

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