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    Magazines, Self-publishing May 11, 2017

    At a time when the future of print media doesn’t look very bright, creating newspapers might not seem like a very wise investment. However, if you start small and plan carefully, you might get not only a return on your investment, but also the sense of fulfillment that comes with bringing something new into the world.Although there are several good reasons to consider creating newspapers (in newsletter or brochure format), they tend to gravitate around either the idealistic or the pragmatic pole. If you have an idealistic streak, you might be more interested in creating newspapers as a platform to promote your values and ideas, to raise awareness or to make a difference in your community. If you are pragmatically-oriented, you might be more interested in making a profit or in promoting your expertise in your field. This is not to say that someone with idealistic motivations will not consider the financial aspects of creating newspapers as well (they’re bound to fold if they don’t), or that pragmatic entrepreneurs might not lend their voice to a worthy cause. Indeed, in the best case scenario, you might just get both.

    However, to boost your chances of getting that best case scenario, ponder your priorities for creating newspapers carefully and cover all your bases. Once you’ve got a clear sense of what you want to get out of it, here are the main steps you should be taking to figure out the how of making a newspaper:

    Creating Newspapers: How?

    1. Choose content wisely.

    Do you want your newspaper to target the general public or a niche readership? The answer to this question should influence the kind of content you provide – general news, business or political commentary, lifestyle, human interest stories, etc. Whichever you choose, don’t content yourself with passing on or rehashing news that people can find elsewhere. Create original, engaging content or hire people who can do it for you when creating a newspaper.

    2. Decide on circulation and frequency.

    When deciding on the ideal circulation for your paper, you will have to take into account population size/ target readership, the distribution method you will use and how you propose to fund the paper (through a subscription or through advertising). You should also decide how often you plan to put it out. It might be a good idea to start out as a monthly or quarterly and increase frequency later on.

    3. Find the best self-publishing solution.

    It might cost you an arm and a leg to secure the services of a local printer for publishing a newspaper. You can save money and get better services by opting for self-publishing instead. Reliable online companies like Dazzle Printing do this as well as boost your newspaper’s chances of success.


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