One of the best parts of living in a more globally-connected world is how easily people with similar interests can now be brought together. Chess Collectors International is an example of this kind of group, brought together by their mutual interest in collecting chess sets and other chess-related products. We worked with the group’s editor, Duncan, to print this saddle stitch magazine printing project.

Saddle Stitch Magazine Printing for Chess Collectors International

This specific issue was their USA Edition and included details of their upcoming convention in Prague, potential museum exhibitions, drawings of different styles of chess pieces, and photographs of beautiful and intricately carved pieces. The cover alone boasts a gorgeous photograph of a glass chess scene depicting Adam, Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge.

The 20-page magazine contains a lot of information, and that required a relatively small font size. While clarity is always important in every printing project, it was absolutely essential for the success of this one!

Project Specs

Paper: #70 Matte Text Throughout
Ink: Color
Size: 8.5 x 11
Binding: Saddle Stitch
# of pages: 20

Client Review of Saddle Stitch Magazine Printing Project

Why did you select Dazzle Printing?

Great reputation!

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How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

Very good!

Would you use Dazzle Printing again? Why?

Yes. Never have a problem with printing or delivery.

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More Information on the Chess Collectors International Saddle Stitch Magazine Printing Project

At Dazzle, we love how print can bring people together, no matter where they are! We love how this unique and fascinating project turned out.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chess Collectors International or want to know about upcoming competitive tournaments or exhibitions, please visit their website.

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