Binding Options

binding options

  • Saddle stitching costs 10 cents per book
  • Perfect binding costs 40 cents per book
  • Plastic coil binding costs 60 cents per book
  • Wire-o binding costs 70 cents per book

Our calculators automatically add the prices of binding options when selected.

Details on Binding Options:

Dazzle Printing four different binding options:

Saddle stitch: For documents from 8 to 80 pages. Each sheet of paper contains two pages on each side (4 pages per sheet). The paper is folded in half and the booklet is stapled in the center to keep it bound. Because of the way it is printed, saddle stitched documents must be printed in increments of 4 pages. So if your booklet is 22 pages and you select saddle stitching, the booklet must be increased to 24 pages and there will be 2 blank pages in the document.

Perfect bound: For documents from 8 to over 300 pages. With this binding style, glue is placed in the center of the inside cover and the inside pages are then adhered to the glue. Paperback books and many magazines use this binding style.

Plastic coil: Also for documents from 8 to 300 pages, this binding style features a black plastic coil. Think school notebooks, except the coil is black plastic.

Wire-o: This binding style is similar to plastic coil, except it features black wire instead of the plastic coil. Wire-o has a bit more sophisticated look than plastic coil.

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