Folding costs 4.5 cents per copy

Folding is an option for brochures, flat sheets, flyers, and newsletters.

Folding Options:

Brochures, Flat Sheets, and Flyers: For brochures, flat sheets, and flyers, you can select a half fold or tri fold.

Newsletters: For newsletters, you can select a half fold, tri fold, half then half fold, and half then tri fold.

If the folding option you are look for is not listed, make a note in special instructions of the type of fold you are looking for. Your client service rep will let you know if we are able to fold your product as requested.

At Dazzle Printing, we offer a variety of options for your printing project to ensure that it turns out exactly the way you envision. If you do not see an option that you want for your printing project, feel free to contact us so you can discuss your requirements with one of our client service reps. You can call us at 1-800-338-4329, email us at [email protected], or chat online during normal business hours. Our client service reps answer all chats, so you will be working with a knowledgeable individual.