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  • Marketing Postcards: Benefits of Using Dazzling Postcards

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    With the never-ending expansion and adoption of the internet, many businesses have taken to social media sites to execute their marketing campaigns. While advertising through digital means has its own set of advantages, the use of traditional means like marketing postcards continues to be equally important. After all, there are some benefits that marketing postcards give that social media marketing can’t offer. Read on to find out some of the benefits of using postcards for marketing.

    Something Tangible

    When you think of traditional means of advertising, the few things that come to most minds are often billboards, posters, newspapers or advertising across radio and television channels. While all of these are great advertising tools, they aren’t tangible, which makes it just as easy to view and more importantly, to forget.

    By giving out marketing postcards, your audience will be able to hold onto something tangible and are more likely to find out the content of your message before discarding it. As such, the design and choice of words on your postcards can hold great weight in the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. This gives you more control over the marketing campaign as compared to standalone advertisements.

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    Marketing Postcards Are Measurable

    It is important to note that you won’t be able to assess the effectiveness of a billboard or poster campaign as you would with a postcard campaign. Utilizing postcard campaigns, you can get accurate statistics such as the number of postcards mailed out. You may even choose to include discount codes in the form of postcard numbers, allowing you to better identify your target demographic and analyze the effectiveness of the campaign.


    If you have already identified your target audience, or better still, have an existing mailing list of people interested in your business, then postcard marketing is perfect for you. Postcard marketing gives you the option to choose your audience, so businesses can tailor the postcards to capture the attention of the intended recipient.

    You may even choose to purchase mailing lists, which provides you with useful data, such as the demographic that is attracted to your postcards.

    Affordability of Marketing Postcards

    Compared to direct mailing campaigns, postcards are a more affordable and cost-effective option. As such, many choose to use postcards for their marketing campaigns. Apart from the ease of execution, postcards are generally small, which means you can also cut costs on printing. In addition, prices are generally more affordable when you choose to print in bulk, which is more often the case for marketing campaigns. 


    Postcards are a convenient way to establish a brand image in the mind of your target consumers. They are small, easy to understand, and can be done multiple times to make your brand more recognizable. As time goes by, they will become more comfortable choosing you over your competitors, whom they aren’t as familiar with.

    If you are planning to launch a postcard advertisement campaign, ensure that print quality is satisfactory. Be sure to obtain a free sample.


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