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Our 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeFree Ground UPS Shipping on Orders over $199!Guaranteed Delivery! It’s on time, or it’s FREEPrinted in the USA

Catalog Printing

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Catalog Printing

Get a Price Quote or Start Your Catalog Printing Order Here

Our 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeFree Ground UPS Shipping on Orders over $199!Guaranteed Delivery! It’s on time, or it’s FREEPrinted in the USA
  • Order only as many copies as you need — 25 copy minimum with increments of 1 copy
  • Outstanding digital print quality with numerous paper and binding options
  • Your order is personally checked

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on time deliveryWe get it. For most of our clients, it is imperative that they receive their printing order by the due date. That’s why we started our guaranteed delivery service. It’s on time, or it’s FREE!

We know it’s tough to figure out when your order will arrive. First, you have to approve your proof. Once that is done, your order will ship no later than 4 business days later. But then, you have to wait for UPS to deliver your order, which can take anywhere from 1 to 4 business days.

So how do you make sure you get your order on time?

When you are placing your order, there is a field that asks for your delivery due date. Just tell us the date you need your order. We will let you know if it can be done based on the production speed and UPS shipping option you selected.

If it can’t be done with your selected options? No problem, we’ll work with you to expedite production or shipping.

Again, our normal production turnaround time is 4 business days after proof approval. Orders over $199 receive FREE ground UPS shipping within the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from this offer). Our calculators will also estimate expedited shipping costs. The shipping cost displayed is only an estimate, and you will be charged actual UPS shipping costs for expedited service.

With really tight deadlines, call us at 1-800-338-4329 or chat with us online to make sure we can get your project done on time.

Expedited production does increase the cost of printing:
3 business days after proof approval costs 10% more
2 business days after proof approval costs 15% more
1 business day after proof approval costs 25% more

To determine how many shipping days you are from our facility, please check the UPS map on this page.

Custom Sizes

Our calculators list three standard sizes:
8½ x 11
6 x 9
5½ x 8½

But we can print any booklet printing project from 3 x 3 inches all the way up to 11 x 17 inches. Custom sizes are never an issue.

When printing custom sizes up to 8½ x 11 inches, just use the price calculator for the next largest standard size. For instance, if you want to print a 5 x 5 inch catalog, use the 5½ x 8½ inch calculator. Or, if your magazine is 7 x 10 inches, use the 8½ x 11 inch calculator.

Looking to print a booklet that is larger than 8½ x 11 inches? Send us an email at [email protected] with the specs for your printing project, and we’ll send you a quote.


Binding Options

For magazine printing, we offer four binding options:

Perfect binding: We can perfect bind documents that vary from 8 pages to over 300 pages. Perfect binding is typically found on magazines and paperback books. With this binding style, the cover wraps around the online book printing project, with the insides glued to the cover. If the spine is wide enough, you can print the title or other information on the spine. We charge 75 cents per book for perfect binding.

Plastic coil binding: We can plastic coil bind documents that vary from 8 pages to over 300 pages. This binding resembles a school notebook, except the binding is black plastic instead of metal. Plastic coil binding is typically used in situation where the book needs to lay flat, the user will be writing in the book, or heavy usage of the book is expected. We charge 90 cents per book for plastic coil binding.

Saddle stitching: We can saddle stitch documents that vary from 8 pages to 80 pages. With saddle stitching, we print on a large sheet of paper, two pages per side. We then fold the sheets, gather them together, and staple them on the binding edge. So each sheet of paper results in 4 pages. Saddle stitching is often a good option for program booklets, catalogs, newsletters, and smaller magazines. We charge 25 cents per book for saddle stitching.

Wire-o binding: We can wire-o bind documents that vary from 8 pages to over 80 pages. This binding style is similar to plastic coil, but the binding is black wire instead of black plastic. It is thought to be more sophisticated looking than plastic coil. Wire-o binding is also suitable for the same types of applications that are used for plastic coil binding. We charge $1 per book for wire-o binding. This binding style is also available for documents from 8 pages to over 300 pages.

Not sure what option will work best for your booklet printing project? Download our Ultimate Guide to Online Printing. Pages 11 and 12 of the PDF discuss how to decide on a binding style.

Spine Calculator

  • Spine Calculator

    When counting pages, include the cover. When preparing your spine, be sure to add 1.8 bleed on all four sides. If you are adding text to your spine, make sure that you do not make the size of the text exactly equal to the width of the spine. Leave some blank room on both sides of the text so the text does not run exactly to the edge of the spine.

  • Paper:

    Number of Pages:

  • Help

    To ensure that you are delighted with your printing project, it’s important to ensure that your printing files are set up properly. If you have questions about any of the following topics, please check the links for more information:

    PDF Files: We only accept PDF files for printing. The PDF file should have graphics and fonts embedded with printing bleeds included.

    Bleeds and Safety Zones: To ensure that no important graphics or text or cut off, it is very important to provide bleeds on your files and ensure that critical text and graphics do not go in the safety zone. Please check the link in this section for a visual explaining these concepts in more detail.

    Margins: Make sure you have adequate printing margins all the way around your document, but especially on the bound edge. When binding multipage documents, perfect binding, wire-o binding, and plastic coil binding will use approximately 1/8 of an inch on the bound edge. Without adequate printing margins, some of your text or graphics may get lost in the gutter of perfect bound books. We recommend at least 3/4 of an inch on the bound side for perfect bound books.

    Image Resolution: All graphics should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). Viewing images on a computer screen can be misleading, since the maximum image resolution of a computer screen is 72 dpi. A 72 dpi image will look fuzzy when printed. Increasing the size of a graphic will reduce the resolution, while reducing the size of the graphic will increase the resolution.

    CMYK vs. RGB Color: Graphics and colors should be converted to CMYK color. Often, photos are in RGB color. If you do not convert to CMYK color, there may be some color shifts when we convert the files before printing. These color shifts are more noticeable in background colors and less noticeable with photographs.

    Need a promo code? Check the link for a list of available promo codes.



    We love to hear from our clients and prospects. We know that the entire printing process can seem confusing. Our goal is to make it as simply as possible for our clients. If you have a question or comment or just want to talk to someone about your printing project, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

    Phone number: 1-800-338-4329

    Email: [email protected]

    Online Chat: Available in the bottom right hand corner of every page on our website. During normal business hours, our client service reps handle all chat requests. After hours, you can still use the chat feature to send us an email. We will respond the next business day.

    We are open 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

    Thanks for your interest in Dazzle Printing!


    "I have used Dazzle Printing several times thus far for printing a scientific journal and every transaction has been smooth and fast. It has been problem-free, the website has been easy to use and understand, response time is almost immediate, and the price is very reasonable. I can recommend without any reservations."

    – Benjamin Victor

    "Job delivered as specified and on time. Print quality superior. Great customer support start to finish–and the price was fair"

    – Ron Sibert

    "Fabulous. Super easy process and very attentive, patient staff who help you along the way. I have already recommended dazzle to staff at other nonprofits."

    – Elora Way

    "This is a solid company. I’ve used them for the past 5 years and the staff has always been helpful. They are prompt and professional."

    – Thomas Ventimiglia

    "I could not be more pleased than I am now with Dazzle Printing. As a small business owner in publishing, this company is outstanding and they have genuine customer service, which is had to find today. Having Renee, a real person to guide you through every step and offer confidence to new self publishers like myself, is invaluable! I cannot recommend this company high enough. And to put the icing on the cake, it's like a reward of sorts when they offer you a percentage off your next order or your first order! It's all VERY GOOD! "

    – Shelley Bosford

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    With so many online digital printing companies, why select Dazzle Printing?

    Great Pricing & Low Minimum Quantities

    Great Pricing & Low Minimum Quantities

    Our minimum print quantity is only 25 copies, and you can order in increments of 1 copy. Plus our prices are very competitive. Check out our prices by clicking one of our instant pricing calculators listed to the left. And orders over $199 receive FREE ground UPS shipping.


    Great Digital Quality & Fast Turnaround

    Great Digital Quality & Fast Turnaround

    Our digital presses provide outstanding digital printing quality. Multipage documents ship 4 days after approval. All other documents ship in 2 days. Faster turnaround times are available for a reasonable additional charge.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Real people answer our phones and chats. You are assigned to one customer service rep, who will make sure your order is processed quickly and efficiently. All orders are personally checked to make sure they look great.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Not happy with your final printed product? We’ll reprint it or refund your total purchase price, no questions asked. Just ship back your order and we will give you a full refund.