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About Saddle Stitch Printing

Saddle stitch printing is one of the four binding options that we offer. Saddle stitch binding is often used for booklets, magazines, programs, and catalogs. With saddle stitch printing, large sheets of paper are folded in half, gathered together, and stapled in the spine of the document.

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Saddle Stitch Printing

Advantages of Saddle Stitch Printing

  • Saddle stitch binding is the least expensive binding option we offer.
  • It is a good option for multipage documents with 80 pages or less.
  • Saddle stitch booklets can be printed with the same paper throughout or with a heavier cover.
  • You can put pictures across spreads without losing any of the picture at the bound edge.

Disadvantages of Saddle Stitch Binding include

  • Thicker saddle stitch booklets can get bulky, especially on the side of the booklet with the spine.
  • Saddle stitch booklets do not lay flat because they are rounded at the bound edge.
  • Due to the way saddle stitch booklets are printed, you must order in increments of four pages. If your booklet is 14 pages, you will need to come up with two more pages or delete two pages.

How Are Documents Saddle Stitched?

For saddle stitching, large sheets of paper are printed with two pages on each side of the sheet (so four pages per sheet of paper). The paper is folded in half, all sheets are gathered together, and then two staples (called stitched) are placed in the spine of the book. Since each sheet has four pages, saddle stitch printing must be printed in increments of four pages.

At Dazzle Printing, our digital printing presses do the saddle stitching as the document is printed. The inside pages are printed first, followed by the cover. The sheets of paper are gathered in a holding area until all sheets are printed. The sheets are then folded in half and two stitched are placed in the spine.

The document then moves to a trimmer that cuts three sides of the document (the bound edge is not trimmed) to the finished size of the booklet. Thus, the booklet is printed on larger sheets where bleeds can be printed and then trimmed down to finished size. That way, the printing can extend to the edge of the page.

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Article on Saddle Stitch

For a more detailed description of the perfect binding process.

Saddle Stitch Printing FAQs

We have four standard sizes for saddle stitch booklets 

5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9, 8.5 x 11, and 9 x 12

We can also print nonstandard size booklets. However, due to the position of the stitches, the bound edge must be at least 6 inches long. If you want to order a nonstandard size, use the next larger size on our calculator. To order a 7.5 x 10 inch booklet, you would use the calculator for 8.5 x 11.

We can only print 6 x 9 inch booklets as landscape saddle stitch printing. There is an additional charge for landscape books. If you want a different size landscape book, we suggest ordering perfect binding.

The minimum number of pages that can be saddle stitched is 8 pages and the maximum number of pages is 80 pages. Because saddle stitch booklets can become bulky as the number of pages increases, we recommend using lighter paper as the number of pages increases. Our recommendation would be to use 100# cover and 100# text or lighter for booklets up to 24 pages (lighter paper stocks are fine), 80# cover and 80# text fir booklets up to 60 pages (lighter paper stocks are fine), and 80# cover and 70# text for booklets up to 80 pages.

A self cover means that the inside pages and cover pages are printed on the same text weight paper stock. We can print self-cover saddle stitch booklets, but this is usually best if you are printing a booklet that will be used once and thrown away. It is usually better to have a heavier cover stock for the cover, since that will protect the book, making it sturdier and longer lasting.

Yes, we can. Most of the saddle stitch booklets that we print have printing on the inside covers. When you submit your PDF file, we will assume that you want printing on the inside covers unless there are blank pages inserted after the front cover and before the back cover.

Although we offer gloss, soft-touch, leather, and linen lamination, we cannon laminate saddle stitch covers. If you definitely want lamination, consider switching to perfect bound binding.

Yes, we offer 2 and 4 corner rounding on saddle stitch books. Two corner rounding is the most typical option selected. Corner rounding is great for children’s books, journals, and planners.

All files should be high resolution PDF files with bleeds. Bleeds should be at least 1/8 inch on all four sides.

PDF files should be submitted as single pages.

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