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    Digital Printing, Magazines July 28, 2015

    The fast developments in technology during the past few decades have influenced almost all aspects of our lives. People’s reading habits are changing on a daily basis, especially when it comes to choosing between reading printed or digital newspapers and magazines. Digital magazine printing has also been improved to keep up with the tastes and expectations of contemporary readers.

    Reading habits of people today

    The entire world has become “a global village,” where news is shared almost instantly. People use all kinds of printed and digital devices to get the latest news immediately, both at work or from the comfort of their homes. Some say the decline of print is only accelerating with print soon to be extinct forever.

    However, people’s reading habits are changing slowly. A lot of people are still fond of having a print magazine in their hands. They feel nostalgic when it comes to print magazines, as it elicits memories from a time when they got most of the information through paper. So, the transition to digital is happening at a pretty slow pace for magazines.

    Recent studies show that almost 80% of people prefer reading magazines in print. Less than 20% of digital device owners say they use their device to access magazine content. It is evident that newspapers are much more affected by online content than magazines.

    Talking about the magazine sector, it seems that there are some differences in gender regarding reading preferences. Women’s titles are the slowest to move from print realm to the digital realm, which is not the case with cooking and technology publications.

    When it comes to different news topics, women are more interested in following news on schools, education, health, lifestyle topics, fashion, entertainment, and celebrities. Men, on the other hand, show more interest in national, international, and sports news.

    Why are print magazines still popular?

    Print magazines have their own value and specific uses. They carry a certain level of credibility that cannot be easily achieved online. When people decide to take a printed magazine in their hands, they take it with a dose of respect.

    This is one of the reasons why print advertisements are still alive. Everything that is considered part of a print magazine comes with the credibility of the magazine itself.

    Even though online ads can be fun, interactive, and engaging, print advertisements stay in people’s minds much longer. Studies show that consumers are more engaged when reading printed materials, since they can read printed text faster than text on digital screens. This also applies to magazine articles.

    How can you increase the readership for your magazine?

    Some print publishers focus their attention on satisfying a smaller number of subscribers with premium prices. While this is one way to go, everyone can benefit from increasing the number of readers.

    As a magazine publisher, you are probably aware that only a high-quality product can attract the attention of your readers. It has to be appealing at first glance and smooth under the fingers. It should consist of interesting articles and high quality photography.

    Since the physical quality of a magazine depends on the print, you need to focus a great deal of your attention on it. All of your ground-breaking articles and eye-catching images can easily go to waste if they are printed in low quality.

    What does high-quality digital magazine printing include?

    High-quality digital magazine printing is undoubtedly the most important feature of a good magazine. Even the most interesting articles will fail to attract people’s attention if the magazine is not printed well. The first step is choosing high-quality paper. Many people will instantly turn to a magazine with a smooth cover and a high-quality digital photo printed in full color.

    Advanced printing techniques contribute to better quality, too. The printing process includes a design and layout process, prepress, plating, and ink transfer, and much more.

    There are other features to consider as well, such as what the finished product will feel like, how heavy and thick it will be, the sound produced when flipping the pages, etc.

    How can you print your digital magazine printing project in high quality?

    The digital printing technology is cheaper than offset printing. It doesn’t require setup fees, which means you can print as few marketing materials as you need without increasing the initial fee.

    If you want to pass on a marketing message to your potential customers, digital printing is the right way to do it. You can get the most advanced marketing materials at reasonable prices.

    Digital printing technology also offers a lot of high-quality options regarding the choice of paper stocks, advanced printing techniques, and binding options. Therefore, if you want a high-quality and affordable print magazine, do not hesitate to give digital magazine printing a try.

    At Dazzle Printing, high quality is our priority. That is why we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your order when you get it, you will get a full refund.

    We are so obsessed with quality, that we personally check every order we get. Our devoted customer service representatives review the orders both before they are printed and before they are shipped. If they notice even the smallest issue with your order, you’ll be immediately notified. They check for issues such as low-resolution graphics, layering, and even typos.

    At Dazzle Printing, you can also customize your order according to your preferences. We offer printing in the standard sizes – 8½ x 11, 6 x 9, and 5½ x 8½. But since we value individuality, you can order anything between 3 x 3 inches and 11 x 17 inches. You can also order as many copies as you need, with the minimum number being 25.

    You can choose to print your magazine in various paper types. For your inside pages, you can choose from a 60# or 70# uncoated text, 70#, 80#, or 100# matte text, and 70#, 80#, or 100# gloss text.

    When it comes to the cover of your magazine, you can easily make it stand out from the inside pages. We offer a 100# matte or gloss text, 80# matte or gloss cover, 100# matte or gloss cover, and 120# gloss cover. Just have in mind that you can only use a 120# gloss cover with plastic coil and wire-o binding.

    In order for you to make the best choice, we can send you a sample kit. In fact, many of our clients prefer seeing some samples before they place their order. Our sample kit includes a plastic coil bound book with samples of all our standard paper stocks. So, do your job by drafting good magazine content and we’ll make sure you’ll be proud of it.


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