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    What exactly is CMYK printing? When you are working with professionals outside of the industry that you are familiar with, you might start to hear a lot of jargon that sounds completely undecipherable.

    However, getting to know each of these different phrases can mean ordering a product that better suits your needs or determining which print service provider is best for you. One of the most common phrases is CMYK printing, which we will be explaining in this article.

    What Is CMYK Printing?

    While it may look like it can refer to something completely foreign and obscure, it actually just refers to the four colors that are used to make all other print colors – cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. All it takes is the right color combination and these four color types will be able to accomplish whatever you need. You might have noticed that instead of B, K is used in the abbreviation. This is because it stands for “Key” or “Key Color.”

    This standard is used for printing when it comes to applying ink onto materials. The technical term for this is a subtractive process and is used to create many amazing and vibrant colors.

    Why Should You Choose CMYK Printing?

    Many of us have actually tried using something similar to CMYK printing as children. In fact, most of us were probably taught in art class that if we mix the primary colors together in certain combinations, we would be able to get any color on the rainbow. This same theory is applied to printing and having the flexibility of working with the primary instead of secondary colors allows printers to reproduce colors perfectly for all types of print jobs.

    cyan magenta yellow black

    How Can Print Designs Add Value to Your Business?

    When ordering your first set of print media, having accurate color representation is crucial for many reasons. This is especially so if you are working with large-scale media, logos, graphics, or colors that relate to your branding. If you end up producing print media that has mismatched colors, it might send the wrong message or give the wrong impression to your clients.

    Dazzle Printing Offers Quality Printing Services

    On top of working with a company that offers the type of printing you want; it is also important that the professionals you choose to work with can be relied on to ensure that your print jobs come out exactly as you have imagined. To ensure that you have a clear idea of the type of quality we offer, you can also request a free printing samples package to see the materials directly.

    On top of this, we offer extremely competitive pricing where you are able to get instant pricing estimates using our online printing calculators. For more information regarding our services, pricing, or printing type, contact us today and our friendly customer service staff will be able to assist you further.


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