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  • Color Children’s Book Printing: Spotlight on My Parents Taught Me Good Manners

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    Cathy Prather started The Gift of a Helping Hand Charitable Trust in January of 2002. The organization’s goals were to serve the needy, underprivileged, and distressed individuals of Southeast Michigan.

    They provide support and assistance to families, and 25% of proceeds of the color children’s book printing project, “My Parents Taught Me Good Manners,” will help support these charity programs, services, and activities.

    Color Children’s Book Printing for My Parents Taught Me Good Manners

    This children’s book is a fun story that combines imaginative illustrations with life lessons for kids. This story is based on the importance of good manners. It follows Carol, a young girl, through her day and through the kind actions she performs.

    From saying please and thank you, to helping out the neighbors and putting away dishes, this book is sure to be a treat for parents and children alike, looking to reinforce the importance of good manners.

    Project Specs for Color Children’s Book Printing

    Paper: 70# Gloss Text
    Cover: 80# Gloss Cover
    Ink: Color
    Size: 8.5×11”
    Binding: Perfect Bound
    # of Pages: 24

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    More Information:

    To buy the book for yourself, visit Amazon https://www.amazon.com/My-Parents-Taught-Good-Manners-ebook/dp/B07N1Y3BHH

    When you’re ready to print a children’s book, be sure to check out our online pricing calculators. You can find out instantly how much it will cost to print your book.

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