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  • Cookbook Printing Project: Spotlight on The Morehouse Family’s Fabulous Cookbook

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    Cookbook printing project? Bring it. One of our favorite components of Dazzle Printing is our close-knit environment, where grandmother, mom, son, and our longstanding employees all work alongside each other to deliver the top-notch quality and quick turnaround times we’re known for. We’re all about family and that’s why this week’s spotlight is so particularly memorable to us…especially because it involves food!

    In a world of drive thrus and quick meals on the go, nothing is more comforting than a home-cooked meal – especially when it happens to be a well-loved family recipe that’s been passed down through the years.

    Bill and Susan (Lowry) Morehouse wanted to honor the memories of shared meals with her now deceased parents by preserving the recipes in a cookbook. Asking family members to choose their favorites, Susan and Bill categorized the collected recipes and turned to their daughter Sarah, a graphic designer, for help with the concept, content, and layout.

    Cookbook Printing Project for The Morehouse Family

    This was a truly fun and unique cookbook to print here at Dazzle. That’s because not only was it filled with mouthwatering recipes, but these recipes were also featured in their original handwritten form, which really embodied the history behind them. The folksy design that Sarah used couldn’t have been more perfect, giving the cookbook a truly handcrafted touch.

    To keep their cookbook functional, Susan and Bill chose plastic coil binding so the cookbook would lay flat during use – an incredibly convenient feature we recommend when it comes to cookbook printing.

    After all, who wants a cookbook that doesn’t stay open on its own? The plastic coil spine is also surprisingly durable, so this type of binding can easily withstand frequent use. Another great function of plastic coil binding is the kid-friendly design. The 360 layout is more interactive, while the plastic coating can be a safer alternative to wire.

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    Specs for Cookbook Printing Project

    • 6×9
    • Plastic coil
    • Full color
    • 86 pages + cover
    • 80# matte test with 120# cover
    • UV coating

    Client Review of Cookbook Printing Project

    How did you select Dazzle Printing?

    We were very pleased with the personal response and helpfulness of the Dazzle staff. The price was right.

    Was your project completed on time?

    You turned our project around in record time.

    How was your experience with Dazzle Printing? – Were you happy with the quality of your project?

    The finished project was very nicely done, clean, crisp, professional.

    Would you use Dazzle Printing? again?

    We’re keeping Dazzle in mind for projects that we might not have even considered if we hadn’t had such a good experience with you.

    More Information on The Morehouse Family Cookbook Printing Project

    Sue and Bill Morehouse were a pleasure to work with and we’re really looking forward to printing more of their family projects – hopefully they’ll embark on some more cookbook printing adventures!

    If you’d like to have a cookbook printing project printed, check out our online pricing calculators. Also take a look at our numerous 5-star Google reviews!

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