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  • Does Cheap Magazine Printing Mean Low-Quality Printing?

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    We have all been witness to the emergence of a culture that prefers digital forms of entertainment and content delivery. In spite of the many forms of digital media, there are plenty of magazines that are still issued in print. The printing quality is an important factor to consider if you want to issue an excellent magazine offline. However, note this: cheap magazine printing does not necessarily mean low-quality printing.

    Magazines today

    With all the technology and devices we have today, like tablets and e-readers, it’s only natural to wonder if printed magazines still have a place as a medium in today’s society. Many people still agree that there is nothing that could replace the touch and feel of a high-quality printed magazine in their hands. But, what does it take to produce a high-quality magazine these days?

    It is believed that producing a high-quality magazine comes hand-in-hand with a high price. People have only seven seconds to leave a first impression, so objects such as magazines might have even less time. However, the design of your cover page is a variable subject to change. Once potential readers have your magazine in their hands, what are the first things they will notice?

    The printing quality is only one visual factor that your readers will notice. Another very important element is the quality of the paper your magazine is printed on. The paper quality will also affect the printing and the color vibrancy. A factor that is oftentimes overlooked is paper binding. Appropriate binding is incredibly important for functionality, durability, and an overall good impression.

    Cheap magazine printing vs. digital publishing

    Even though digital publishing is on the rise, magazines released in print are still going strong. In fact, cheap magazine printing has proved to be a much better option in several respects. Printed magazines have a history of decades, even centuries. Believe it or not, some traditional methods are still superior to their modern counterparts. Magazine printing is one of them.

    One of the biggest advantages printed magazines have is their tactile quality. Digital clutter is much worse than physical clutter. It’s way easier for digital magazines to get misplaced or forgotten about. A physical magazine copy on the coffee table provides less opportunities for distractions than a digital magazine read using a tablet or computer.

    Many readers see cheap magazine printing or books as a chance to get away for a while and enjoy some quiet time alone. Digital publishing is perceived and treated differently than its printed counterparts. For instance, digital magazines don’t receive the same level of attention that print magazines do from their readers.

    Readers of print magazines are much more focused on what they are reading and are a much more committed audience overall. If a good magazine grabs their attention, readers who prefer print will definitely buy it again.

    Hallmarks of a good cheap magazine printing project

    Many publishers are tempted to make a permanent switch to releasing their magazines online. Both existing and potential magazine publishers dread the costs associated with quality magazine printing. When it comes to printing a magazine, some even might think that they have to choose between quality and quantity. However, cheap magazine printing does not necessarily mean low-quality printing.

    Certainly, the content of your magazine is ultimately what will keep your audience coming back for more. However, the way that content is presented is a factor that will get you more readers. Content and design are very important characteristics of a high-quality magazine – however, they are not the only factors that can “make or break” a magazine.

    The printed form of your magazine is a vehicle for both its design and content. The quality of printing, colors, paper, and binding largely contributes to the overall magazine quality. Many publishing companies try to cut down on printing expenses by compromising the print quality. But, does cheap magazine printing inevitably lead to low-quality printing?

    Cheap magazine printing doesn’t mean low-quality printing

    If, for any reason, you still think that cheap magazine printing always means low quality printing, you’re wrong. Dazzle Printing is living proof that you can get affordable magazine printing with an outstanding level of quality.

    Dazzle Printing is a company that provides many different kinds of printing solutions at affordable prices and cheap magazine printing is one of them. You can not only print magazines, but also books, booklets, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, posters, business cards, and anything else you can think of!

    Since Dazzle Printing is an online company, it’s easy for clients to get information with the click of a few buttons. Dazzle Printing has online price calculators. You no longer have to wait for days just to get a quote. Should you have any specific questions, you can easily contact Dazzle Printing using the online chat on our website.

    Paper quality
    The paper Dazzle Printing uses is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Not only is Dazzle Printing affordable, but it’s also eco-friendly. All paper by Dazzle Printing contains 10% to 30% recycled content.

    With Dazzle Printing, there are several paper options that you can choose from. You can combine paper of different thickness and finish for the cover pages of your magazine, as well as for the inside pages. Cover pages can be glossy or matte and their thickness can be 80#, 100# or 120#. Inside pages can have a thickness of 60# or 70# in uncoated text paper, and 70#, 80# or 100# in glossy or matte paper.

    Paper size
    As for the paper size, you can choose from the standard printing sizes provided by Dazzle Printing. But, if you want custom sizes for your magazine, Dazzle Printing can meet those needs as well. You can print your magazine in any size, from 3 x 3 inches to 11 x 17 inches. We have three standard pricing calculators (if you want a unique size, just select the next larger calculator).

    • 8½ x 11 inches
    • 6 x 9 inches
    • 5½ x 8½ inches

    Magazine binding

    Printing style

    Price per magazine

    Perfect binding


    Plastic coil binding


    Saddle stitching


    Wire-o binding


    Unlike many other printing companies, Dazzle Printing does not oblige you to order a lot of magazine copies. You can place an order for as few as 25 copies. Dazzle Printing provides numerous choices for printing your magazine. If you want to see the paper quality and binding in person, you can order printing samples for free. Check out our cheap magazine printing options.


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