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    For low-cost, high-quality, speedy printing, and state-of-the-art personalized printing options, Dazzle Printing is your printing source. Flyers – also called “flat sheets” because they’re flat, not folded — are a great tool you can use to get the word out about your business, reach more prospects, and sell more. From 5.5 x 8.5 to 8.5 x 11 and even 11 x 17, Dazzle Printing offers a wide range of choices for full-color online printing.

    Improve Your Sales Success

    From traditional announcement flyers to sell sheets, handouts, and sales data sheets, you can use flyers in your business to help your sales people sell your products better, to let prospects know about an upcoming event or a new product, and to explain the benefits and features of your products. Flyers, handouts, and sell sheets are inexpensive ways to tell your story and provide sales-building information.

    If your company attends trade shows, don’t forget to print up a good variety of flyers to distribute—remember, over 70% of sales are made in the weeks following the big exhibition or trade show. You need to make sure your prospects have your information in their hands when they get home.

    Help! I have a trade show in 4 days and I’ve already exceeded my marketing budget!

    This is a true story. A client came to us frantic; he had a trade show in 4 days and had already exceeded his marketing budget, when he realized that his sell sheets – the flyers he used to tell prospects about his products – were incorrect. So he came to Dazzle Printing. He needed a printing source for cheap flyer printing with a 48 hour print option. And he needed to submit the designs for his flyers online.

    That’s where we came to the rescue. As the speediest, highest-quality, lowest cost printing source around, Dazzle Printing created dazzling 11 x 17 sell sheets – so our client would stand out from his competitors – while providing speedy printing and low cost. Needless to say, the client’s now a regular customer.

    Help! How do I stand out from my competitors?

    Here is another true story. The owner of a small retail store came to us looking for cheap flyer printing. But she didn’t know what she wanted the flyer to look like, or to say. So we helped her choose a design that would stand out among her competitors. We used bright, bold colors – the kind that Dazzle Printing does best – and catchy, funny text. To help our client have her flyers in time for an open house in the mall where she had her shop, we gave her our speedy printing service – at no extra cost.

    Looking for some ideas on how to make eye-catching flyers? Check out this article with 40 flyer design examples.

    Whether you need sell sheets for a trade show or flyers for an upcoming sale, Dazzle Printing is your printing source for cheap flyer printing with 48 hour print capabilities.

    Ramp it up a notch with personalized printing

    Nothing says you care like addressing your prospects by name. Besides maybe also remembering their favorite product. Or their birthday. Or the fact that they love dogs. With personalized printing, you can use that information to boost your prospects’ responses – by 1000% or more! Learn more about maximizing your flyer effectiveness by reading our Cheap Flyer Printing Online Guide.

    Why should you print your flyers online with Dazzle Printing?

    There are so many reasons. . . Here are just a few:
    We print the highest quality but we keep our prices low – we’ve redefined cheap flyer printing

    We offer 48 hour print services – that’s speedy printing!

    Using our service is easy – simply submit your flyers online and we’ll do the rest!

    We guarantee your satisfaction! You must be dazzled by your flyer printing project or we will refund your entire purchase price.

    For more information on flyer printing with Dazzle Printing, check out this page on our website.


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