Category: Preparing Printing Files

Printing Margins

You’ve worked long and hard on your printing project, and it looks perfect on your computer screen! So there should be no problems with the final printed copy, right? Oh, if only it was that easy! One of the most … Continue reading

Perfect Bound Book Spine

In order for your finished books to look professional, it is important to correctly design your perfect bound book spine. When you submit printing files for perfect bound books, we recommend submitting the covers as three files — the front … Continue reading

Image Resolution

In order to print well, the image resolution of all graphics in your print files should be at least 300 dots per inch (dpi). Viewing images on a computer screen can be misleading, since the maximum image resolution of a … Continue reading

CMYK Color vs. RGB Color

Before submitting your files for printing, graphics and colors should be converted to CMYK color. Often, photos are in RGB color and will need to be converted. Many people also design using Pantone colors, which should be converted to CMYK … Continue reading

Printing Bleeds & Safety Zones

When preparing printing files, if you have graphics that extend to the edge of the page, you need to ensure that your document has printing bleeds. Because we cannot cut exactly at the edge of the page, the graphics need … Continue reading

Printing File Format

The only printing file format that we accept for printing is PDF files. The PDF file should have graphics and fonts embedded and printing bleeds should be included in the file. This printing file format ensures that your files are … Continue reading