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  • Is Flyer Marketing Still Effective?

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    The rapid advancement of technology in recent years has led many companies to forgo traditional marketing methods for digital ones. So, is flyer marketing still effective? Very much so. These traditional marketing pieces have started to make a huge comeback in recent years, as brochures, catalogs, and flyers are becoming increasingly commonplace once again. Why is this so? There are many reasons why traditional marketing methods, especially the printing and giving out of flyers, remain effective.

    Love for the Tangible in Flyer Marketing

    Both traditional and digital marketing strategies appeal to the potential consumer’s visual senses. However, print marketing pieces go beyond that; they provide a sensory experience to readers in ways which digital marketing pieces such as blogs are unable to. Scientific research has shown that readers who are receptive to print messages tend to have a longer attention span, and thus having a tangible flyer marketing piece in their hands will encourage them to conduct an in-depth reading of your marketing message rather than simply giving it a cursory glance. An experienced and talented writer can then appeal to the reader’s emotions by incorporating stories into these marketing messages, which gives your flyers a personal touch.

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    Low Effort, High Returns

    Getting a flyer into the hands of your potential customers is extremely easy and requires little effort. For instance, if you are operating a gym and are planning to attract more customers to sign up for memberships, you can simply get one of your staff to hand out flyers in a crowded location. As flyers are lightweight, you can give out multiple flyers at once if you meet with potential customers who have friends or family members who might be interested in your products or services.

    Supporting your Digital Marketing Initiatives

    Flyer marketing can not only complement but also enhance your company’s digital marketing initiatives. This is usually achieved by incorporating QR codes on them. A well-designed flyer will have all the key points about your products and services summarized, and a well-placed QR code will lead the reader to your website or social media pages when scanned. This provides a more in-depth description of the products or services advertised. When both traditional and digital marketing methods are used together, your brand awareness will be enhanced, which in return will likely generate higher sales.

    Low Cost for Flyer Marketing

    Flyer marketing is extremely affordable to produce, thus making them one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. Rather than hiring coders and programmers to overhaul your entire website, or paying for expensive advertising space in other print media, why not come up with a professionally designed flyer and hand them out at crowded locations during peak hours? You might generate higher returns this way!

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