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  • Top Reasons to Laminate the Cover of Your Book

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    Should you laminate the cover or your book? If you are planning to publish a book, durability and long-term usage may be one of your concerns. After all, it is important that the fruit of your labor can be read and passed on for a long time without sustaining too much damage from wear and tear. One of the best ways to achieve this is laminate the covers.

    Commonly used for softcover books, lamination is an option to help authors and businesses enhance and protect the design on the covers. This is done by sealing a type of clear plastic film onto your book’s exterior. This can create either a matte or glossy finish depending on your preference. In doing so, there is now an additional layer of protection from accidents and the elements.

    At Dazzle Printing, we understand that the process of creating a book can be very overwhelming. This is why on top of offering free sample packages, we also make sure to provide all our customers with transparent and comprehensive information regarding their options. To help you with your decision, our experts have compiled a list of compelling reasons why lamination might be perfect for you.

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    Laminate Covers for Durability and Protection

    By choosing to laminate your book, you are choosing to increase the durability of its cover significantly by protecting it from the elements. Another way to look at it is that you are permanently attaching a protective layer of plastic onto the cover. Not only will it help to keep your book cover from getting torn or worn out after prolonged use, but it can also help to ensure that your book cover is waterproof. Especially in the case of softcover books, this feature will help protect them from water damage or accidental spills. On top of this, if your book is going to come into contact with children, lamination will help to prevent the cover from getting dirty.

    Enhanced Color Depth

    Just as your photos look more vibrant when you print them out on photo paper, having a laminated layer can help with creating more vivid and brighter colors. Not only will the tones of your printed media look more enriched, but it may also help with creating a more accurate representation of what you have in mind concerning the cover. The effect that the lamination will have, however, will definitely depend on whether you choose to have a glossy or soft touch lamination finish.

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    Quality Feel

    If you are planning to distribute your book to potential readers or customers, opting for a soft touch laminate finish is highly recommended. This is because it creates a soft velvet-like matte finish that makes your cover interesting and will entice readers to pick it up.

    The fact is that adding a laminated cover can make your book feel more professional, and also exude a sense of quality. It reflects the thought that you have put into the design and your recipients are sure to be able to feel the extra effort that was put into the production of your book.


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