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  • Magazine Distribution: Self-Publishing Tips

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    If you have finally created your masterpiece and have printed a set of copies using a quality self-publishing company, such as Dazzle Printing, then you are ready to start “stirring the pot” in the community, i.e., catching the attention of the locals via magazine distribution. You have probably come to realize that it takes a great deal of creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance to circulate one of your publications around the community.

    Even small local communities can be difficult to reach if you do not know how to successfully go about placing copies in locations which potential interested parties may visit regularly. If you are unsure about where you should place your “bait” magazines with the intent of receiving public notice, then you may benefit from reading the information below. Take a look and get ready to display your talents on a larger scale; these ideal locations should act as a “springboard” for the future success of your self-published magazine.

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    Magazine Distribution at Storefronts

    Placing your magazines in bins outside of a local storefront is one of the best ways to attract attention to your publication when distributing a magazine. If you are especially brave, you can even stand near the sliding doors and offer people your publication as they enter and leave the premises. Try not to be nervous; you may be surprised by how receptive people are to local artists engaging in magazine distribution.

    Magazine Distribution at Coffee Shops

    Coffee shops are ideal for self-published magazine “baits.” Why? Because sometimes stereotypes ring true. Many people who hang out in coffee shops are artistically-minded. They may even be writers or self-publishers themselves. Since birds of a feather flock together, your self-published magazine could quickly begin to circulate among local artistic circles. Gaining a good foothold in the creative community is an important step in magazine distribution success.

    Magazine Distribution at Waiting Rooms

    No one likes to sit in a waiting room, and almost everyone there is guaranteed to be bored out of his or her mind. What a perfect opportunity for distributing a magazine that’s unique and engaging! People who are sitting in hospital waiting rooms, doctor waiting rooms, dentist waiting rooms, or even secretarial offices may reach for anything sitting nearby to help ease the pain of boredom. If your magazine is the “thing” sitting nearby, then you may have recruited a new fan or two (or twenty).

    Looking for more ideas on creating your own magazine? Check out this article on making a magazine by wikiHow.

    Keep these tips in mind the next time you self-publish a magazine that you are particularly proud of. Paying for quality prints from Dazzle Printing is a good investment, but it will not automatically ensure that your work gets circulated. Grab the attention of the locals by dispersing large quantities of your publication among quality locations. Before you know it, you will begin to develop a reputation as a self-publisher within your community by virtue of your success at magazine distribution.

    For more information on Dazzle Printing’s magazine printing services, check out our magazine printing page.

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