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  • What is the best corporate newsletter printing schedule — monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly?

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    If you are in doubt regarding your company’s newsletter printing schedule, check out our recommendations in this article. You probably have a lot of questions about your newsletter. 

    How do you keep the interest of the people reading it? When should it be delivered? What is the best newsletter printing schedule – monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly? This article will provide you with answers to all of your questions.

    As a marketing director, you want your company to be successful and ahead of the game. To help achieve this purpose, a newsletter is very important. You can use it as your best marketing weapon if you know how to make it interesting and motivational. It is a great way to promote news, highlight products, and announce upcoming corporate and community events. Also, it is a good tool to let customers know that you are there to help them.

    Choose your corporate newsletter printing schedule 

    If your corporate newsletter is professionally written and edited, people will look forward to reading it. Then, you can decide whether your newsletter printing schedule should be monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

    Why use a quarterly newsletter printing schedule?

    Publishing a corporate newsletter quarterly is a great choice if you want to stay in touch with your customers, but don’t want to overwhelm either the customer or your staff.

    A quarterly newsletter schedule is the most practical option for most businesses. It keeps you on your clients’ minds and lists of things to read. Also, most small business owners don’t find it difficult to publish a newsletter once every three months. It is recommended for small companies with a constant flow of products, because this way, they won’t bother their target audience with boring texts and can create a selection of the most important information that should be included in the newsletter.

    The problem with sending a newsletter every 3 months is that there is a chance your target audience might forget you. Also, you must remember that even though you can include all kinds of information in your corporate newsletter, you should avoid going into too many details because people might get bored.

    Why use a bimonthly newsletter printing schedule?

    Before you start sending newsletters every 60 days, you should clarify what your organization can manage at the moment, as well as in the future. You should know if you are capable of providing fresh and interesting content for a bimonthly newsletter printing schedule. If you can provide articles, stories, and information that your supporters will find valuable on a more frequent basis, you can try a bimonthly newsletter printing schedule.

    Publishing every two months is recommended for companies that have already tried going with a quarterly schedule but have too much content. However, you should make sure that you will not end up offering similar content in each issue.

    Observe how your audience is reacting to a newsletter printing schedule bimonthly. If you think that you are capable of dealing with the pressure and taking your publishing schedule to a higher level, you should give the bimonthly publishing schedule a try and see the results.

    Why use a monthly newsletter printing schedule?

    If you are certain you can publish your corporate newsletter monthly, you probably are somewhat confident that you are capable of providing enough information. But in order to publish it monthly, you must be absolutely certain of it. In other words, you need to make sure that your target audience loves your content and is eagerly awaiting each newsletter. Publishing your newsletter monthly basically means that you will be offering new content every 30 days.

    Research has shown that it is risky to send a newsletter too frequently, because people usually lose interest in it – you might even lose some of your audience. On the other hand, if your content is amusing, you might increase your sales by 50%. Usually, companies that change their sale offers all the time or cover sports topics are the ones sending emails more frequently. Anyway, if you feel ready for this kind of commitment, you should definitely go with it!

    What about sending even more frequently?

    It’s often a bad idea, even if you do have “too much content to fit into the monthly newsletter”. According to some studies, it’s best to send newsletters once a month. Companies that send corporate newsletters on a monthly basis have a 78% higher chance of being read than those who send letters more often.

    We suggest that you ask your audience how often they would like to read your corporate letter – it will definitely help you make up your mind. Sometimes, you can change the schedule for the corporate newsletter, but regardless of what your choice is, you should take it seriously as a commitment and be constant in your publishing endeavors. You will need time to plan, write, design, and send your newsletters regularly. Otherwise, your audience will forget everything about you.

    What makes your corporate letter interesting?

    It is said that effective newsletters start with ensuring effective content. Firstly, photos attract a lot of attention, while guest columnists are interesting because you can cover different themes every month. Also, many newsletters include an article written by the president of the company and a calendar with all the past and upcoming events and activities. Another important part is the distribution. You should decide whether you want the newsletter to be kept private – just for your clients – or distributed broadly in order to reach more people.  

    What is the best day to send your corporate newsletter?

    You surely want to know the best day for people to read your corporate newsletter. Even though it depends on your target audience, most people agree that Tuesday is the best day, as that’s when they no longer think about the weekend and are entirely focused on their job duties. Monday and Friday are days when everyone is distracted by thoughts about the weekend, so if you don’t know when to send your newsletter, go with Tuesday. Nevertheless, in order to find out which day works best with your audience, you should not be afraid to experiment. Try out different days and see which one gives you the results you want.

    Once you are sure you can produce interesting content for your corporate newsletter, you can start thinking about the best newsletter printing schedule for it.


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