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Dazzle Printing can proudly say that all of our products are printed in the USA, in our 15,000 square foot facility located in Madison Heights, Michigan. While some companies outsource or have taken production out of the country, Dazzle Printing is here to stay.

Family run and operated since 1986, Dazzle Printing takes pride in our work. If it’s not something we’d buy, we don’t sell it, and all products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Dazzle Printing is your one stop shop for all your printing needs.

Printed in the USA

As a client of Dazzle Printing, you allow us to create jobs and local opportunities within the USA. We are located in Madison Heights, Michigan, a suburb approximately 15 miles north of Detroit.

Dazzle Printing has helped numerous Detroit-based nonprofit organizations fulfill their printing needs, while offering substantial discounts from our already low prices and providing printed in the USA products. Helping nonprofit organizations, whether located in the Detroit area or anywhere within the USA, is a passion of ours. Offering discounts to nonprofit organizations is our way of thanking them for the good work they do.

Over the year, Dazzle Printing has gone from using traditional presses to being a 100% digital printing company. In the process of going digital, we searched for environmentally friendly machines with minimal waste and, more importantly, no fumes entering our ecosystem.

Say goodbye to traditional methods that use tons of chemicals and put harsh fumes into our ecosystem. All of our paper is FSC-certified and we make extra efforts to ensure all paper, plastic, and wood is recycled. For more details, please see our environmentally friendly printing page.

Everything we print is 100% guaranteed to be printed in the USA. You have our promise, when you place your order with Dazzle Printing, you can rest assured that you are keeping your printing in the USA!

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