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Want to use Dazzle Printing for your wholesale printing needs, but have questions about the process? Check out our wholesale printing FAQs.

What should I look for in a wholesale printing partner?

Printers who use a digital printing press will be able to print your order more quickly. Make sure you’re working with a wholesale printer, like Dazzle Printing, who offers a 100% guarantee, so you can feel confident trusting them with your printing projects.

How do I save my documents?

PDF files are the recommended format. You may have experienced the frustration of uploading a Word document, only to see it printed with your tables and headers not where you intended. PDFs are a good format because they don’t scramble your layout – they embed the images and fonts, so everything stays where you want it.

What if my file is too large to upload?

There’s no file too big for the wholesale printing staff at Dazzle Printing! If you can’t upload it directly to the website, contact a representative for information about our supplementary site for sending large files.

Does it matter how I format?

Yes. There are a few important formatting keys to keep in mind. Once you finalize your design, make sure your design is at least 1/8 of an inch larger all the way around. When the design is printed, it will be cut to fit your measurements. This is called a “bleed” and it ensures that there’s no white space around the border of your image. The same goes for text. Keep it 1/4 of an inch from the border of your page, to make sure none of your text gets cut off at the edge of the page.

What resolution do I need for images?

Your resolution should be set at 300 dots per inch (dpi). Scrutinize each of your images to make sure they meet the resolution requirement. If you copied and pasted something from the Internet, it probably won’t be a high enough resolution to match the rest of your document.

In general, you should avoid using images you found online when you’re working on a bulk printing project. You’ll have higher-quality images if you use your own photographs or pay for stock images.

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Which colors do I use?

Make sure your colors are set to cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK), as opposed to red, blue, and green (RBG). If you have a lot of black in your document, consider asking your wholesale printer to use a rich black.

For the absolute best results, use the following color values: cyan 60%, magenta 40%, yellow 40%, and black 100%.

Got some more questions you’d like to see added to our Wholesale Printing FAQ? Do let us know! Contact Dazzle Printing for your wholesale printing projects today!

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