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  • Saddle Stitch Brochure Printing: Spotlight on Austin Image

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    Client Spotlights

    Let’s check out this saddle stitch brochure printing project. Nancy Austin is a designer with Austin Image who knows how important intentional spacing is when laying out a project with a lot of information.

    When all of that information is coupled with different kinds of images, such as maps, photographs of artwork, and advertisements, this careful attention to what the reader’s eyes can handle becomes especially crucial. Fortunately for the North Country Arts group, they went with Austin Image to design their saddle stitch brochure printing project.

    Saddle Stitch Brochure Printing for Austin Image

    This project is a brochure for a self-driving tour of different kinds of artists living in a single county. The reason it works so well is because the designers took care to make sure that each page was organized in such a way as to not overwhelm the reader, despite the amount of information on display. Each artist is well-represented by a brief description, a map that indicates the location of their studio, and vivid images of their previous work.

    Saddle Stitch Brochure Printing Project Specs

    Paper: 80# Matte Text

    Ink: Color

    Size: 8.5 x 11

    Binding: Saddle Stitch

    # of pages: 12

    saddle stitch brochure

    Client Review of Saddle Stitch Brochure Printing

    Why did you select Dazzle Printing?

    I was designing a multipage brochure for a group and Dazzle Printing promptly sent us a free sample packet of print examples and papers that I was able to examine before sending in the print job. This was a key determining factor in deciding to use Dazzle Printing.

    How was your experience with Dazzle Printing?

    After submitting the project, I received a call from Renee Benson within th hours to discuss the order. It was a large order and we didn’t want there to mistakes due to a lack of communication, so I was glad she called to clear up any questions I had.

    How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

    I gave one week for printing and nine days in all for shipping and printing. We received everything right on time. The quality could not have been better. We were exceptionally pleased with the printing and the quality of paper used.

    Would you use Dazzle Printing again? Why?

    Yes, we will use Dazzle Printing again (if we do this project again).

    More Information on Saddle Stitch Brochure Printing

    if you’re interested in having a saddle stitch booklet printed, be sure to check out Dazzle Printing.  You can find our online pricing calculator here.

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