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  • Saddle Stitch Catalog Printing: Spotlight on Life and Limb Gel

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    We were delighted to help Chelsea Frank with her saddle stitch catalog printing project. Life and Limb Gel was born “on a shoestring budget in a garage,” the brainchild of former prosthetist/orthotist Chelsea Frank. While working at her former job, Chelsea realized that the shoulder braces on the market were ill-fitting for many people recovering from surgery.

    Her boss challenged her to create something that worked better and after experimenting with different designs and testing new materials, Chelsea managed to turn her safe, affordable, USA-made wraps and ice packs into her own company.

    Saddle Stitch Catalog Printing for Life and Limb Gel

    Now that they are ready to take their unique products to retail, Chelsea and her crew needed catalogs to introduce customers to their offerings. This saddle stitch catalog printing project lays out the differences between Life and Limb Gel products and the competition and provides plenty of photographs to back up their claims. Each type of wrap and pack is paired with an image that demonstrates use, which helps make this catalog crystal-clear and effective.

    Printing Project Specs

    Paper:  80# Gloss Text
    Cover: 80# Gloss
    Ink: Color
    Size:  8.5 x 11
    # of pages: 12

    Client Review of Saddle Stitch Catalog Printing

    Why did you select Dazzle Printing for your saddle stitch catalog printing project?

    Last year, we decided to take our hot and cold therapy products to the retail world. As exciting as it was, we knew that we had a lot of hard work ahead of us! Choosing the right packaging, the color, look, feel, and design of the marketing materials, photographing and pricing our products appropriately was just the beginning.

    Immediately we found that printing and binding catalogs in house was time consuming, costly, and had limitations. When we added two new products to our line this month, we knew we were ready to order larger quantities and have them professionally printed.

    I shopped around quite a bit before deciding to go with Dazzle Printing. With young children at home, my time is valuable. I didn’t want to wait for an e-mailed quote or a phone consultation, which is why I loved the interactive instant quotes provided right on the Dazzle website.

    Change materials, quantity, or number of pages and the quote was instantly adjusted! I was initially skeptical since the price seemed so much lower than other digital printing services, and I had quite a lot of questions since I was new to printing. Downloading the Ultimate Guide To Online Printing helped answer my questions and assured me that the quality would not be compromised.

    How was your experience with Dazzle Printing?

    We loved our experience. The interactive website, helpful guide download, and easy PDF file upload and online approval made our catalog order seamless!

    How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

    I really appreciated the customer support at Dazzle. I took advantage of the chat feature just prior to sending my order to make sure the artwork was cut appropriately as I was concerned about the trimlines. I ended up making some final design adjustments based on the feedback from the customer service representative. Less than a day after I submitted the PDF file, I received an online proof to view that made it very clear what the catalog would look like.

    Unfortunately, it did not look perfect! I had made an error that needed a slight adjustment. I was pleased to hear that they could make this tiny adjustment and the next day they were in production. Our catalogs came in ahead of schedule and the quality is outstanding! It feels amazing holding a catalog of my own products. I am glad I chose Dazzle Printing.

    Would you use Dazzle Printing again for your saddle stitch catalog printing projects? Why?

    Yes, I would love to use Dazzle Printing! We will definitely consider them for future printing services.

    As a small business, customer service and individualized care matters to me. It is obvious to me that they value the same things as we do! I would choose Dazzle again because I trust them to make sure my printing products will stand out and be free from errors.

    Is there anything you wish had been different?


    More Information on the Life and Limb Gel Saddle Stitch Catalog Printing Project

    To check out their products or to learn more about the Life and Limb Gel story, please visit their website.

    Dazzle Printing specializes in saddle stitch catalog printing. Check out our online calculators if you need pricing.


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