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  • Support Max West and His Third Comic Book, Dominic & Claire Circus

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    In the self-publishing world, both moral and financial support are important to fellow artists and authors. That’s why we’re pleased to pass on information so you can support Max West, a comic book creator who has recently started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his third comic book — Dominic & Claire Circus.

    Here is the link to his campaign:


    Max West

    Support Max West Campaign

    The support Max West campaign is looking to generate $1,000 to help Max fund 500 copies of his new comic book, which will be printed through Dazzle Printing.

    In Max’s words, here is a summary of the new comic: “Dominic & Claire Circus sees the precious kitten Dominic and his bouncy teenage friend Claire return for more laughs!

    Thrill as Dominic sneaks into Claire’s house late at night for a snack, brand new characters get introduced, and Dominic’s father lectures his feisty son about constantly ordering packages (guess how well that goes)!  This cavalcade of knee-slapping antics will leave you in stitches!”

    The comic book will have 24 black and white inside pages, a full color cover with a joke, and is digest sized at 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

    If you want to support Max West, you’ll need to hurry — his Kickstarter campaign ends on February 29. He has numerous pledge levels, ranging from $4 to $299.

    We’re delighted to have Max as a client and hope he meets his goal quickly.

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