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  • The Power of Printed Marketing Materials

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    Digital marketing has become a very important part of successful marketing strategies for most businesses. It’s become a necessity to have an online presence so that customers can learn about your business. But as important as digital is, if you do not have printed marketing materials, you are overlooking opportunities to reach customers in different ways.

    There is real power in printed marketing materials because they show that you are a legitimate and credible business. In the online environment, companies exit the market just as fast as they enter. When you invest in printed marketing materials, it sends a signal that you are a business that intends to have real staying power.

    Printed Marketing Materials: Building and Expanding Your Brand

    Whether you are a new or established brand, printed marketing materials make a statement about who your company is, what it does, and its relevance to customers. Every printed piece increases the visibility of your brand and extends your message.

    There are a myriad of printed marketing materials and they provide a lot of different options for promoting your business. Business cards, brochures, newsletters, posters, magazines, and catalogs put your business directly in the hands of customers and prospective customers.

    In the online world, people tend to spend very little time interacting with your business, because they are skimming for information, and probably multitasking at the same time. Client engagement is much higher for printed materials, because they are tangible items that you can hold in your hands. And they can review the materials whenever they want, because it is not going to disappear like it does in the online world.

    Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

    Developing printed marketing materials should be part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. When developing your marketing plan, you will want to include many different mediums to surround your target audience. For example, let’s say you are launching a new product to both existing clients and prospective clients.

    You will want to develop a strategy the reaches your target audience using various touch points. You may want to use a combination of radio, direct mail with a brochure that details the product benefits, emails that direct people to a product web page, a newsletter feature article, social media posts, and posters to use in your stores. This multi-pronged approach gives your marketing messages both reach and frequency, which is the basis for any successful marketing strategy.

    Another interesting perspective from marketers is that print media is new again. Since digital has become the new norm, printed marketing materials have become a unique way for marketers to reach customers in a new manner that is not possible with digital marketing methods.

    You should also consider that not everyone is online or consuming information through digital channels. It may seem like that’s not possible in today’s world, but with the overload of online information, some people choose to limit their time in the digital space.

    Also, consuming locally has become very important to consumers. This gives you the opportunity to engage these local connections through print materials.

    E-commerce Businesses Need Print Too

    When you place orders with large online retailers and open the box, in addition to your purchase, you most likely also receive a catalog, postcards about upcoming sales, or maybe even a newsletter. These materials help online stores drive business, because they are a cost effective means to create more shopping interactions with customers.

    If you are running an e-commerce business, you should consider developing a catalog, a magazine, or a newsletter that you can provide your customers’ orders. You are already sending the package, so take advantage of including printed materials as a way to encourage more sales.

    Also, think about developing a catalog of your products that will engage the senses of your customers. A catalog doesn’t have to be a huge book, is can be a simple four-page overview of your products and popular items people choose. You could also include a discount to encourage them to go online to place an order.

    The bottom line is that there is no one medium that can do it all. Make both your online and printed marketing materials work harder by delivering your message through multiple channels that work together.

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