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  • Business Flyers: Tips for Creating Effective Flyers

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    Are you looking to create business flyers to promote special deals, promotions, or business events? Regardless of the agenda, we can all agree that the main goal of flyer design is to entice the audience to read as much as possible and get them to engage. Here are some tips on exactly how you can create effective business flyers that will get your audience to take a second look.


    Nobody sets time aside for reading business flyers. A typical flyer reader would devote minimal attention span to it. This is something that you must consider when deciding on the design and layout of your flyer. While you might want to display as many details as possible, you need to ensure that the reader is able to quickly grasp your message.

    As such, you should avoid squeezing too many words or visual clutter, but rather focus only on the important words and phrases. You may consider enlarging or bolding the size of keywords and phrases, so your audience knows what they should pay attention to. Regardless of the purpose of your flyer, we highly recommend that you add some visuals to it.

    After all, no one would devote much interest in a flyer that is filled with nothing but words. People buy with their eyes, and they need to visually see the product to really be enticed.

    Design Business Flyers for Your Target Audience

    The design of your flyer doesn’t necessarily need to appeal to the designer, so long as you can capture the attention of your target audience. After identifying the target audience, determine what are their likes and dislikes, then proceed to design your flyer based on this information.

    Another tip is to use direct pronouns such as “you” and “your” as compared to generalized ones like “we” and “our”. By having the flyer speak to readers directly, they will feel more involved and interested to know more.

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    Attention Grabbing Business Flyers

    Your business flyers need to have unique visuals to grab the attention of your targeted audience. With so many flyers being given out daily, yours will need to stand out from the rest. Be sure to avoid using too many dull or neutral colors, choose vibrant colors that are more likely to attract attention.

    Digital Calls-to-Action

    In this hyper connected world, almost everyone you give a flyer to is going to have a mobile device with them. Why not take advantage of that and have digital calls-to-action like QR codes for them to redeem discounts or rewards? Not only is this convenient, but it also prompts your audience to take immediate action. This way, you won’t have to worry about the audience forgetting about the flyer after reading it.

    Being Friendly

    Last, be sure to speak to your audience in a fun and friendly manner, make them feel comfortable and welcomed. Using an overly professional or formal tone in your flyer will throw some people off, resulting in them losing interest in engaging with you or your company.


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