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  • What Exactly Does Collate Mean When Printing?

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    Collate is a word that many people have experience with – generally known as a verb to describe collecting, arranging, or assembling items in a specified order. However, the meaning changes slightly when used by a printing professional. So what does collate mean when it comes to printing? When used by a printing service, collating means putting together different sheets of print media or different parts to create a set. This will most commonly be used when discussions are in place about preparing manuals, books, catalogs, or color copies.

    What Can You Expect?

    Now that you know what collated copies refer to, uncollated copies refer to the opposite – print media that has copies of the sheets needed separate and not arranged in any order. Simply put, your print media will not be put together to make sets. This might seem similar, but the terms are commonly used during discussions on the different specifications of the print job requested. It would therefore be crucial for you to have a better understanding of how the print provider approaches both types of copies before you confirm your project.

    Benefits of Collated Printing

    Collated printing is common when you are making catalogs, booklets, magazines, or any other types of different multi-page products. This is commonly used with color copies where the print copies can be put together even without being fixed together.

    On top of this, this helps to keep your order organized if you have a specific arrangement or order that you require the materials to be in. This will help cut down on your own preparation time if you request it.

    Benefits of Uncollated Printing

    However, this does not mean that uncollated printing has no benefits. First, not all types of bound printing require collation. For example, note pads that are bound together with a padding compound where sheets can be ripped away are not considered collated as the entire product consists of the same printing.

    On top of this, it can also be useful to print uncollated if you do not plan on sharing that much information. In that case, something like a brochure, flyer, or fact sheet would be more suitable.

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