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Starting March 15, 2024, as a free service to our clients, we now offer a free digital flipbook that you can embed on your website, link from your website to the file, email a link to your contacts, or post a link on social media. The link never expires and is a great way to digitally showcase your printing project.

Note: Don’t worry if you printed with us before March 15, 2024. If you would like a free digital flipbook, simple email your customer service rep, indicating that you would like to get the free flipbook.

What Is a Digital Flipbook?

A digital flipbook is similar to a PDF of your document, but it is animated to mimic the action of physically reading a book or magazine. The pages flip from right to left with a digital flipbook, as opposed to having to scroll through a PDF file. Also, PDF files typically need to be downloaded before you can view them, while a flipbook is an online visual experience.

As an example, here is our Ultimate Guide to Online Printing as a flipbook:

How Do You Get Your Free Digital Flipbook?

Once your order has shipped, we will create your flipbook from your final print file. We will then send you an email with the following information:

1 A link to the online version of the flipbook that you can use on your website, in emails, or on social media.

2 The code to embed the flipbook on your website.

3 A QR code with the link to your flipbook.

How Do You Embed the Digital Flipbook on Your Website?

The embed code contains all the information needed to display the flipbook on your website, including the source of the flipbook, dimensions, and style presets. Depending on the platform used for your website, you may need to access the HTML editor to utilize the embed code. For instance, in Wordpress, you simply need to switch to the Text option on the page you want to put the flipbook on and insert the embed code where you want the flipbook to appear.

Can You Use the Embed Code in Emails and on Social Media?

The embed code will only work on websites. However, the link to the online version of the flipbook can be used in emails as well as social media. We suggest using a JPEG image of your front cover in emails and on social media. You can then link the image to the online version of your flipbook.

We hope you like your digital flipbook. It’s a great way to extend your audience of viewers for your book, booklet, magazine, or catalog.

And the free digital flipbook is just one more reason to consider Dazzle Printing for all your printing needs. Be sure to check out our online pricing calculators, where you can input all the specifications for your job, including number of copies, number of pages, color or black and white printing, paper stock for inside pages, paper stock for the covers, lamination, processing time, and more, and get an instant price quote. You can always change any of the options and get an updated quote instantly.

Don’t forget about our outstanding customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It happens very rarely, but if you are not satisfied with your order, you can count on our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For orders under $5,000, all you have to do is return the order to us, and we will either reprint your order or issue a full refund, at our discretion. For larger orders over $5,000, orders will be reprinted to correct product defects, such as finishing issues and printing quality.


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