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  • Book Cover Trends: 2022 Awesome Trends

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    Contrary to the old saying, you can judge a book by its cover, at least according to readers. It’s a simple fact that an uninviting cover makes readers pass over a book until they see one that catches their eye. Book publishers spend a lot of time and money creating covers.

    They do this because they know it’s one of the most important ways to market a book. Book covers are works of art, and they’re also reflections of current styles. Fashions change in clothing, and they change in book covers. What are the current, hot, book cover trends for 2022? Let’s take a look.

    Book Covers Make the Sale

    Book covers are advertisements for your book. They do the talking when you’re not there to talk your book up. When you go to a bookstore or a library looking for new reading material, what are the first things you do?

    First, you find the genre you’re looking for, and second, you quickly scan the covers and titles to see what pops out at you.

    That’s what most people do, and that’s why your book cover must be the one that stands out in a sea of book cover trends.

    Eye-Catching Book Cover Trends

    What makes book cover trends irresistible? Everyone’s taste is different, and the same cover may turn off as many people as it turns on, but there are some simple ways to know if yours is a good one:

    • Is it eye-catching and colorful?
    • Does it have a strong, compelling image?
    • Do the colors match the theme and tone of the book?
    • Is the title easy to read?
    • Does the cover represent what the book is about?

    If you can answer yes to these questions, you have a good cover. If you’re interested in designing a new cover idea for your book, consider adopting one of these book cover trends. These book cover trends may inspire you to give your book cover a makeover.

    Hot Book Cover Trends for 2022

    Clothes and shoes aren’t the only things that go in and out of fashion. Home decorating colors have noteworthy trends that last a few years at a time, and eyebrow and fingernail shapes change dramatically every few years.

    So, it only makes sense that fashions in book cover trends also shift in response to larger trends. You don’t have to follow the book cover trends, but doing so ensures your book has a fresh, modern look.

    Book Cover Trends: Large, Bold Fonts

    Large, bold fonts for both the title and subtitle are major book cover trends in 2022 covers. Some of these books use classic typeface fonts, and others use large, scrawling fonts that look like they were handwritten in a hurry. They are hard to ignore.

    These book cover trends are like miniature billboards with lots of information crammed into them. The image or photograph is still important, but large fonts that can be read from a distance are the real stars


    Book Cover Trends: Bright Images

    Large fonts are the major element of most book covers, and bright, eye-popping images are another. New books seem to be almost fluorescent with bright yellows, reds, and blues. Paired with the large fonts, these covers take on an almost childlike look that’s hard to resist.


    Book Cover Trends: Retro Images

    Retro styles are big among home interior designers, and the trend has spilled over into book cover designs. Some of these books have covers that might have been published decades ago, but they’re freshened with bright colors and bold fonts. Retro images give a nostalgic feeling to these covers.


    Book Cover Trends: Clean Designs

    Minimalist designs can be tricky for book covers because they may not allow the books to stand out. Despite this, one small but noticeable book design trend is a clean, plain design that relies on a single color and a simple typeface to tell the book’s story. These book covers have an elegant look that helps them stand out among the bright colors and huge, playful fonts dominating the other covers.


    Book Cover Trends: Beautiful Illustrations

    Beautiful illustrations have always been on some book covers, especially romance and children’s books, but they’ve made a strong comeback in the current crop of 2022 book covers. These illustrations are intricately detailed and richly colored. The beautiful illustrations invite you into the magical worlds of these books.


    Book Cover Trends: Powerful Photographs

    One of the major trends in book covers is the use of a single photograph that packs a visual punch. Many of these covers feature a single, arresting photograph that fills the cover. The typography is still bold, but it takes a back seat to the photograph.


    Book Cover Trends: Chaotic Designs

    At the opposite end of the clean, minimalist spectrum are book covers that seem to be examples of controlled chaos. These covers use the typeface to create a cover image while graphic elements add interest and, in some cases, confusion. These unusual covers are certainly eye-catching, but they require a lot of skill to pull off.


    What’s Your Style?

    Now that you’ve seen what the top book cover trends are, which of these appeal to you? Many books use a combination of these elements. You can use all or some of these ideas to create your cover. If you’re working with a graphic designer, talk to the artist about introducing some of these design ideas in a way that honors your taste and preferences.

    If you like retro photographs, choose one powerful one and pair it with bold text. Have fun with the casual, hand-lettered fonts and bright colors. If you think these designs are too busy, go the opposite route with a stripped-down, minimalist book cover.

    A beautiful illustration is a timeless book cover choice that works well with almost any theme. Choose an artist whose work you admire to create a painting for your cover.

    Make Your Book Look Its Best

    When it’s time to print your book and its cover, get expert help from a professional printing company. Once you have the perfect book cover, take it up a notch by choosing the right paper and selecting whether you want a glossy or matte finish. The result will be a cover that’s worthy of your book.

    At Dazzle Printing, we understand book printing from the inside out. We work with writers every day, and we know how important every part of your book is. We’re with you every step of the way when it comes to producing and marketing your book. If you’d like to check out how much it would cost to print a book with us, check out our online printing calculators.


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