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government booklets

Government Booklets: Tips for Great Booklet Printing

Writing for the government requires a particular style that emphasizes clarity. If your job involves writing content for government booklets, it’s important to learn what the government expects. Your government booklets must use the right government communication style, be designed … Continue reading »

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repurpose website content

Repurpose Website Content: Getting Great Content for Printing

Should you repurpose website content for printing? Creating a website for your business takes time, planning, and usually a few excellent writers and content creators to make the site attractive to potential customers. Websites use everything from eye-catching graphics, gorgeous … Continue reading »

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book size

Book Size: Selecting the Perfect Size for Your Book

What’s the perfect book size? There are many answers to that question. Choosing a book size depends on your book’s genre, your readers’ expectations, and the potential printing costs. Here are some things to keep in mind when you make … Continue reading »

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photo book tips

Photo Book Tips: 6 Great Tips for Design and Printing

Are you a professional or amateur photographer? Looking for photo book tips to display photos? If you’ve built a large collection of photographs, your next step may be to produce a book showcasing them. These photo book tips will help … Continue reading »

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comic book self publishing

Comic Book Self Publishing: How to Create and Sell a Great Comic

Should you consider comic book self publishing? For many authors, a love of comic book superheroes and their exciting adventures inspired them to write comic book content they enjoy. Or maybe you are an aspiring author, ready to publish your … Continue reading »

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monetize content

Monetize Content: 4 Ways to Get Paid for Your Writing

You put a lot of effort into creating content, and you may wonder if there’s any way to make it pay. You can monetize content, and even make a good living from it, but this is not a get-rich-quick (or … Continue reading »

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professional photos

Professional Photos: How to Take Great Ones for Your Printing

Do you need professional photos for your printing? Many businesses have relied on sites like Pixabay, Shutterstock, and Unsplash to provide photos to use in their marketing materials because creating their own professional photos was too expensive or too difficult. … Continue reading »

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fairy tales

Fairy Tales: Their Important Role in Children’s Book Printing

The elements of a good story don’t change whether the target audience is a child or an adult. But some specific types of stories like fairy tales seem to appeal more to a younger reader. Kids love to read stories … Continue reading »

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book outline

Book Outline: Why You Need an Effective Outline

Do you need a book outline before you start writing your book? Writing a book takes more than just a good idea. Inspiration for a book can come from just about anywhere, but many authors use a proven outlining structure … Continue reading »

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event booklet

Event Booklet: How to Create a Memorable Booklet

If it’s time for your major event, it’s time for event booklet printing. Your event deserves a booklet that helps market your event, explain its importance, and get your target audience to take some action. You can do all that … Continue reading »

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