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  • Artistic Magazine Printing: Spotlight on TortillaGurl

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    At Dazzle, we love working with artists. We also know how difficult it can be for artists to attract attention and gain a following, especially when they’re just starting out. That’s why we felt privileged to get to work with TortillaGurl and their artistic magazine printing project. Founded in 2015, TortillaGurl provides a platform and voice for Baltimore artists who are not yet well-known. They cover and promote their events, as well as publishing interviews with the artists about their work and their lives in general.

    ARTIStic Magazine Printing for TortillaGurl

    This project was an issue of their artistic magazine featuring Baltimore artists. Bright colors abound amid artwork, interviews with musicians, and poetry, with everything pointing back to the central theme (and issue title): “Blue.” Despite the relative lack of real estate in the short magazine, this project was still jam-packed with artists from various forms of media.

    Artistic Magazine Printing Project Specs

    Paper: 70# Gloss Text
    Cover: 80# Matte
    Ink: Color
    Size: 5.5 x 8.5
    Binding: Perfect Bound
    # of pages: 10

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    Client Review of Artistic Magazine Printing Project

    Why did you select Dazzle Printing?

    We (TORTILLAGURL) had printed with Dazzle before and we loved the quality + customer service! You get good quality for a low low price. Y’all always throw in extra books too for no extra charge, which is very tight. 

    How was your experience with Dazzle Printing?

    It was fantastic as always. I had mixed up the entire order, but Renee helped me with the technical nonsense printing comes with!

    How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

    For all the wild last minute things I had to change, the project still came on time and perfect!

    Would you use Dazzle Printing again? Why?

    Of course. You guys make printing a dream for all us novices. The price and quality is unbeatable.

    Is there anything you wish had been different?

    Yeah, that double sided does not count as one whole page!

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    Interested in printing a magazine? Check out our online pricing calculators. Also check out all of our 5-star Google reviews!

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