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    LOA (Law of Attraction) Radio Network has the admirable mission “to assist the planet (and all living things upon it) to easily shift into the golden age of peace, harmony, health, and abundance.” They use their multi-media platform to communicate their message to listeners in more than 125 countries and every show is centered around appreciation for their audience. While much of their platform is in radio, they also publish a monthly attraction magazine printing project.

    Attraction Magazine Printing for LOA Radio Network

    This project was the March 2010 issue of the Law of Attraction Magazine. It features numerous authors writing on a wide variety of topics and compassionate advice, as well as a heartfelt tribute to a colleague and contributor who recently passed away. The colorful sections tie each contributor’s pieces together and lend to the cohesion of the entire magazine. It was a very well designed magazine with a lot of great content for the reader.

    Project Specs for Attraction Magazine Printing

    Paper: 70# Gloss Text
    Cover: 80# Matte
    Ink: Color
    Size: 8.5 x 11
    Binding: Perfect Bound
    # of pages: 58

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    Client Review of Attraction Magazine Printing

    Why did you select Dazzle Printing?

    I wanted more options… more paper weights to choose from… more sizes.

    How was your experience with Dazzle Printing?

    Very Good.

    How do you feel about the quality and timeliness of your project?

    The quality was excellent, on par with local magazine printers. Time was good… but shipping took a long time.

    Would you use Dazzle Printing again? Why?

    Yes, I plan to use Dazzle again and again.

    Is there anything you wish had been different?

    The product came back looking excellent and I am very happy!

    More Information on the LOA Radio Network Attraction Magazine Printing Project

    To learn more about the LOA Radio network, visit www.loaradionetwork.com. In addition to past issues of the magazine, you’ll also find lots of other interesting content to review.

    When you’re ready to print your magazine, be sure to check out our online pricing calculators to get an instant quote.

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