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  • Booklet Printing for Non Profit Organizations: How It Can Be Profitable

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    So, you’ve worked hard on establishing your nonprofit organization and you are now actively searching for ways to make it profitable and self-sustainable. Sure, you are not its “owner” and you can’t split the profits, but even a “non-profit” organization has to get its finances so that it can fulfill its purpose and survive. Have you thought about booklet printing for non profit organizations, or more precisely, printing program booklets for non profit organizations?

    In many ways, making the activities of a non profit organization profitable is not that different from making any other legal entity profitable and sustainable. As an added bonus, a lot of people have a natural propensity for investing in nonprofit organizations because of their ‘non-profit’ factor.

    Nonprofit organizations have been the main focus of various activities, including:

    • Helping in the fight against diseases and viruses such as AIDS and Ebola;
    • Supporting all kinds of charitable causes;
    • Building infrastructure in impoverished and underdeveloped areas;
    • Building accessible solutions that for-profit corporations won’t bother providing

    It is clear that you need to make your non profit organization profitable and sustainable. Otherwise, it won’t be able to fulfill its aim and you might even have to start emptying your own pockets if bad financial decisions place a bigger burden on the organization than it can handle.

    One of the ways to achieve this is through program booklet printing for non profit organizations. There are several ways in which program booklet printing for non profit organizations can help turn your non profit organization into a successful and profitable organization.

    Program Booklet Printing for Non Profit Organizations Can Guide Visitors of Events Who Are Willing to Donate

    Let’s say that you have organized a charitable event through your nonprofit organization. People are coming and there is music, catering, a speaker panel, flip charts, organizers, etc. All of these things cost money. Yes, you might be a charitable organization, but that doesn’t mean that your private funds should bear the brunt of such an important event and mission. Fortunately, people visiting such events are usually more than happy to help in any way they can.

    Your side of the story can and should be very simple. When designing the program booklet, do not forget to put a clearly marked call for donations in there. It would be great if you did this within the first several pages, before people become distracted reading the rest of your booklet. This way, you will get them to donate to the cause, thus keeping your organization solvent.

    People shouldn’t have to think too hard about where and how to exactly give their money — that’s your job. Make sure you make the donation procedure clear and simple, and then take these funds and invest them where they are needed most.

    Use Booklet Printing for Non Profit Organizations to Motivate Investors to Invest in Your Non Profit Organization

    So you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your awareness campaign, advertising, photo-sessions and pretty faces. You start seeing traffic pouring in through various channels and you are hoping that at least some of these new people will be interested in helping your cause financially. However, do they have something that can guide them and tell them that you would appreciate such input?

    When investors are visiting your page for the first time, it’s your chance to put them on the bandwagon and help them find more details about your cause and exactly how they can help.

    Program booklet printing for non profit organizations is perfect for this purpose. It can encompass the mission of your nonprofit organization, along with its activities and plans for the future. You can even include the bank account number with all the useful details for those that are inspired immediately after opening your booklet. Make it easy for donors to donate and they will do it.

    Some donors prefer a face-to-face approach in such matters and might even express willingness to meet you in person. Needless to say, you should be prepared. A printed program booklet would be the perfect tool for leaving a positive impression. A graphic editor/designer can help you prepare two versions of the same content — one for the digital world and one for printing.

    Of course, you should pay attention to the style of the booklet. This includes its design, the quality of the print and the paper, the vividness of colors, etc. A professional printing company can help you get the best value for your money and make booklet printing for non profit organizations that will leave your donors impressed.

    Distribute Booklet Printing for Non Profit Organizations Everywhere

    Any empty spot larger than a magazine fits the description of a perfect place to stack copies of your program booklet. Is there an empty place at the local magazine store? Ask them to include your material. Is there a news board that is filled with not-very-inspiring material? It’s time to pin your material and make the board pretty and inspirational.

    Have you thought about including your booklet printing for non profit organizations in a newspaper? Some newspaper companies allow this under certain conditions. You can also present this idea as an opportunity for them to help by distributing your booklet if they are not exactly willing to donate money. You’ll definitely increase your reach like this.

    How about engaging volunteers that are willing to get out there and spread your print directly to people? Yes, your booklet printing for non profit organizations can be given away just like an everyday flyer. You can even give it away during a festival or as party material.

    Try to think of creative ways to get your booklet printing for non profit organizations in the hands and computers of people without being too aggressive. Everyday situations present multiple opportunities to make people more interested in your cause. Some of them will offer their help, often in the form of money.

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless. A quality program booklet will go a long way in making your nonprofit organization sustainable and solvent. If potential donors have a clear idea of what they are donating for and you make them feel important, they will do it.

    As mentioned above, a professional printing company can take your agenda and create a wonderful booklet, one which you will be proud to show to everyone. And then, all you have to do is wait for the donations to start pouring in and use them for a good cause.


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