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  • Sports Marketing: Use Creative Printing Materials

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    Sports marketing requires a complete marketing campaign that uses online outreach and printed materials like banners, posters, flyers, and brochures. Here are some ways that your printing professional can help you market your local team or sports club.

    Sport Your Colors

    Your team colors are your trademark, so wear them with pride on all your sports marketing printed materials. Consistent use of these colors will keep them on everyone’s mind, and you’ll have built-in recognition for your team. Your printer can keep your colors on file for quick, easy print jobs when you need them.

    Hold a Raffle

    Get fans and prospective fans excited about your team by holding a raffle. Ask local businesses to contribute prizes at all price levels. Start your sports marketing by advertising the raffle with posters and flyers, and then choose a special day to hold it.

    Printed tickets are fun to hand out and easy to use. A raffle is an easy way to make people aware of your team and give them positive feelings about it.

    Make Game Programs

    One of the most thrilling moments of a professional sports game is the one where you walk in and receive a program. You may not even read it, but it’s a memento of your visit and a tangible reminder of why you’re there.

    Your local sports club or team can create the same feeling when you create sports marketing programs that look and feel professional. This is a fun, affordable sports marketing technique. Use free, downloadable templates to create a great-looking program.

    Add team photos, player information, the gameday lineup, and news about the team. Include a page or two dedicated to local businesses that have supported the team. It’s free advertising for them and a good way to show your appreciation for their support.

    Sell Merchandise

    Make extra cash for your club by selling team-branded tee shirts, hoodies, mugs, water bottles, and hats as part of your sports marketing strategies. You can sell them online or during games. Everyone enjoys wearing their team logos and colors. Remember that raffle you were going to hold?

    Make team merchandise one of the prizes. You can also give away merchandise at special fan events. Team merchandise will sell all year long, so keep those caps and hoodies in stock.

    Hang Posters and Banners

    These may seem like old-school sports marketing methods, but there is a reason that even professional sports teams rely on huge banners. Fans want to see their team name hanging proudly outside and around the stadium.

    Big, colorful banners get people pumped up to watch the game. Banners and posters also have practical applications. You can use them to designate parking areas or remind people what time the game starts.

    Where can you hang them these sports marketing materials? Ask local businesses to display the home team posters. Hang banners near busy intersections. Place them in schools, libraries, and community centers. Use them to build anticipation for the game and encourage people to attend.

    Send Direct Mail

    Direct mail is still a powerful sports marketing strategy. Combined with an online presence, it can alert people to your team’s presence in the community and invite them to learn more.

    Include addresses for your team’s website and social media accounts. Make it easy for people to check out your online presence by including a QR code on the printed materials.

    What should be in your sports marketing postcards and flyers? Use them to introduce your team and list the dates of any upcoming games. Many people want to feel more connected to their local communities, and supporting local teams is an enjoyable way to do this.

    You can also use postcards as vouchers, for instance, “Bring this postcard in for a free soft drink.”

    Host with the Most

    Host a party for your team’s loyal fans. This could be as simple as a game-day barbecue with hot dogs, popcorn, and sodas right before the game starts. It could be a fancy tailgate-style party with contributions from local restaurants. You can decide based on the event and your budget.

    To ensure you get attendance, make sure they know it’s a fan appreciation event. Ask each fan to bring a new person to the party. Give people a reason to come, and make sure longtime fans know they’re appreciated.

    Recruit Players

    Does your team need more players? Start by identifying who your players are. Is your team an adult indoor soccer club? Is it a kid’s football team or a women’s bowling league? with this sports marketing technique, target your prospective new teammates with direct mail, postcards, and brochures.

    A brochure offers the chance to describe the team and its history and is a great sports marketing strategy. It is a handy way to answer most of the usual questions people have about joining a team:

    • How much does it cost?
    • Is there an equipment fee?
    • What are the team colors?
    • What can I wear to play?
    • Are there experience levels?

    Write a Newsletter

    A monthly or seasonal newsletter is an ideal way to communicate with fans, volunteers, sponsors, and team members. You can inform them about the game schedule, recent scores, notable moments in the game, and news about individual players and their families.

    While email newsletters are increasingly popular, evidence shows that people respond better to direct mail and printed materials. People feel more emotionally engaged with printed brochures and catalogs, and that’s a feeling you want when you’re trying to inspire team loyalty.

    Use the newsletter to:

    • Post the week’s game schedule
    • Show team, mascot, and fan photos
    • Indicate which players are out with injuries
    • List food options at the game site
    • Showcase new merchandise

    Give Your Fans Some Goodies

    A newsletter or other direct mail campaign is also an excellent way to reach out to your fans and reward them for their loyalty. Use the newsletter to offer exclusive content and subscriber-only discounts on merchandise and game tickets.

    Include vouchers for free drinks or other goodies. Fans like to feel valued, so make them feel like they’re part of a select club.

    Engage with the Community

    You can build support for your team by showing that it’s a positive part of the community. Find out if there are volunteer opportunities your teammates can take part in, and be sure to publicize the team’s involvement.

    This is a wonderful thing to do, and it is also a great opportunity for sports marketing. Your volunteer work could be a toy drive, food drive, community park cleanup, or visits to nursing home residents. Announce the event with posters and direct mail postcards. Take pictures for the team website, brochure, and newsletter.

    Create Safety Posters

    Playing sports is good for your health, but it does have some potential dangers. Be a responsible sports promoter by creating posters that encourage safe play.

    Posters could remind players that it’s crucial to wear the right footwear and protective gear. They could also remind spectators to keep a clear distance from activities that could injure them. Make the posters engaging and easy to read. Don’t forget to add your team’s name and colors.

    Welcome New Residents

    Have new people moved into the area? If you can find out who they are, send them a team program or a copy of your team newsletter. Let them know that if they’re looking for sports-related thrills, they can find them right there in the neighborhood.

    Promote Your Team with Our Help

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