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  • Brochure Marketing: Where to Distribute a Brochure

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    Brochures can be great advertising, whether for a product, a business, or a cause, but where should you focus on brochure distribution, and how? In this article, we’ll take a look at a few logical places to try, and some tips for maximizing your impact.

    Brochure Marketing in Public Places and Businesses

    Since you want your brochure to reach a wide audience, public places and businesses are a logical place to start. Convenience stores, grocery stores, and shopping malls are all likely to have places for brochures and newsletters, so there is a good chance you will find the perfect place for your brochure promotion at one of these locations. Depending on what you are trying to promote, you might even try places like laundromats.

    One absolutely essential tip: make sure you ask for and receive permission to engage in brochure distribution. You will want to talk to whoever is in charge of making decisions about whether or not to allow promotional literature, such as a manager or an owner.

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    Brochure Marketing in Trade Shows

    This is more specific to certain businesses and certain products, namely those that are relevant to an industry that has trade shows. Make sure you review the policies of the trade show with regard to distributing promotional literature. Depending on what kind of trade show it is and the rules governing that particular show, you may have to get some kind of official permission before engaging in brochure promotion.

    Of course, you can also register a booth at a trade show, in which case distributing your promotional literature is likely to be simply par for the course. If you’ve secured your spot at a trade show, make sure you up your brochure printing order – you don’t want to have come all that way and run out of brochures!

    Brochure Marketing at Events

    Events tend to draw together many people on the basis of a shared interest, and that can be absolutely perfect for brochure distribution. For example, if your brochure is for a cause, look for events that are relevant to that cause and look for events that are likely to attract a lot of people that are interested in the cause.

    Brochure Marketing at Universities

    No university would be complete without a number of groups distributing brochures and other promotional literature. Particularly if you are looking to promote a cause, a university is a good place to include when it comes to brochure marketing and promotion. University students are often more prone to activism and more engaged than other groups of adults, so it is more likely that they will care about your cause enough to take your brochure.

    As with other venues mentioned, make sure you have permission to pass out brochures. Universities typically have a special office that regulates the use of publicly-accessible space, so start there.

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