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  • Custom Fundraising Book: Why Your Organization Should Print One

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    Is your group, organization or team considering utilizing a fundraising book for an upcoming fundraising effort? You probably already know that you have two basic choices to make before committing to this type of fundraiser: work with a fundraising company that produces a coupon book that your members can sell or make your own personalized book with ads from local businesses that you can use to raise funds.

    Since everyone loves to save money, these types of fundraisers can be very lucrative. But is using a pre-made coupon book or making your own custom fundraising book the best way to go? Let’s look at why fundraising book printing is the right choice for your organization.

    Customized Books Are One of A Kind

    One unintended consequence of using a premade discount book as a fundraiser is that it is possible that other groups in the area may be using the same fundraising book that includes the same businesses. For many groups, launching a fundraising effort is already a big challenge that the group may only attempt infrequently.

    And competing with another local organization for sales on the exact same product likely means that both groups will feel the impact of lower sales resulting in less successful fundraisers. Instead, many organizations choose to create their own unique fundraising book so their members don’t have to compete with other groups selling identical books to raise the funds they count on.

    You Can Set Your Own Price

    Working with a fundraising company means that your discount book will be priced in accordance with the company’s expectations. And sometimes book pricing is not in alignment with the community or your group’s supporters and families that will be buying and using the book.

    But when you develop your own exclusive book with ads from local businesses and service providers, your group can set the book price according to not only what will work best with your potential buyers but also at a price point that will meet your organization’s fundraising goals. And by choosing a less expensive binding option, like saddle stitch instead of perfect bound, your group can control the production costs and use a greater profit margin to reach your fundraising expectations.

    Your Book Can Be Personalized

    Discount coupon books commonly used as fundraisers often have a generic, impersonal feel. If you decide to make a custom fundraising book, you get to decide what to include in the book. If your group wants to focus on services that your group members love then you can design your discount book to include services instead of products or restaurant discounts.

    Or if providing a targeted coupon section works best for your potential customers, like soliciting family-friendly businesses to feature in your book, then your organization’s book can be configured to reflect what will work best for the group, the community, and potential buyers.

    In addition to choosing what is included in the book, your organization can also style the book in a way that reflects the group. If your fundraising efforts are going to support a team trip, details about the upcoming event can be included in the book to help encourage greater sales.

    For groups that are raising funds for a specific need like uniforms or season costs, the cover of the book can be designed to reflect the desired product to boost sales. And the cover can also be used as a marketing tool for groups as well, using a page to explain the group’s mission or purpose, something that a premade fundraising book would not be able to include.

    Your Group Gets to Keep All of the Profits

    When you design, print, and sell the book yourselves, your group doesn’t have to share the profits with another organization or business. Unlike working with a company that provides premade fundraising books, your group won’t have to sign a contract for each member to sell a specific number of books either, potentially cutting into the profits of the fundraiser.

    Since there is no middleman producing and distributing the books, your group can benefit from every profit penny you make instead of handing a portion over to another business.

    You Can Keep it Local

    Contracted businesses included in discount books developed by a fundraising company are available for buyers to patronize, the companies may not necessarily be integral to the community that your group members live in. With a custom fundraising book, your organization can choose to include places, services, and activities in your community that are supportive of your group and places that mean something to the families and friends who purchase the book.

    Making your own custom fundraising book allows you to include your local supporters in the book, making it more attractive for buyers to support your fundraising efforts.

    Do Fundraising Books Work?

    The truth is that everyone loves to score discounted products and services, especially for places they already know and love. So fundraising books that contain discount coupons for familiar, beloved places and products often earn excellent profits for groups that sell them.

    Fundraising Books are Easy to Sell

    Organizations that rely on book sales for their fundraising can sell the books any day, in a variety of ways. Group members can call on friends and family members, send out emails to potential buyers, post links on social media and bring them to businesses or schools to sell.

    Unlike fundraising carwashes or other outdoor events, coupon books are not dependent on good weather to turn a profit making them a great option to help bring in needed money for any size or type of organization.

    Custom Books are Convenient

    Another popular fundraising method involves selling candy, cookies, or other food items. Many of these types of fundraising sales involve setting up a delivery day and may even include perishable items that can complicate delivery.

    But fundraising books can be handed directly to the buyer at the point of sale, making them not only effective but also convenient for organizations to sell. And customized books can be created to be any size and shape making them even more user-friendly for even the youngest of fundraising volunteers.

    Partnering with a Printing Company

    When you are ready to begin the fundraising book printing process, the first step is to partner with a trusted printer like Dazzle Printing who can help you reach fundraising success with a beautiful custom fundraising book that your organization will be proud to sell. Our decades of experience ensure that the printing process will be simple for you to create an outstanding custom fundraising tool that can help you reach your fundraising goals.

    From choosing the best binding for your fundraiser, the book size that fits your organization’s needs, and the right ink and paper choices that will make your book look great, the process of creating your own custom discount book will be easy when your group partners with the professionals at Dazzle Printing.

    And since this fundraising book is customized from start to finish, you can also order as many books as you anticipate that the group will need, with initial order quantities as low as 25 copies. If you sell out of your fundraising book, you can even choose to reorder your custom fundraising book at any time when you partner with a printing company to keep the fundraising profits rolling in.

    Developing your own custom fundraising book is the right choice for groups that want to personalize their books to maximize their group’s fundraising profits. And creating a book that reflects what is important to your organization is the best part of fundraising book printing since your group makes all of the decisions about the book’s contents – and keeps all of the profits.


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