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  • Do Business Cards Still Matter?

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    Business Cards

    In today’s digital landscape, you can easily find information about a person or company by doing a simple search on websites and social media. As such, it is natural for people to wonder if business cards are still relevant. In short, they are irreplaceable, and their function goes beyond simply displaying business and contact information. Read on to find out why that is so and why business cards still matter in the age of digital contact cards and QR codes.

    Giving a Personal Touch to Your Business Cards

    The one thing that greatly differentiates a physical card and digital alternatives is that presence of a personal touch. When you personally hand out a card to someone, you grab their attention, take the opportunity to socialize, and make an impression on them. If both parties connect well with each other, they are much more likely to remember each other, especially if they find themselves in need of a service or product that the other party provides.

    Remember, your business card is the first impression others get of your brand. Therefore, it is still crucial to ensure that it is made of high-quality print and paper.

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    Ease of Sharing Contact Details

    Imagine a social networking event where there is no exchange of business cards. When people network and want to introduce their brand to each other, they would have difficulty doing so. Even if business details are successfully shared over the phone or written on paper, chances are that they would be forgotten quickly.

    In comparison, business cards are extremely convenient to circulate contact information. Due to its compact size, they can be easily stored in an office drawer or even wallets, making it much more likely for others to remember your business.

    Establishing Trust

    While the people you network with might find that you are reliable and trustworthy, it doesn’t mean that they trust your business. As such, the information on your business card can potentially be the bridge for others to understand the legitimacy of your business. Hence, it is important to ensure that your business card looks professional, so others know that you are serious about your work and what you bring to the table.

    Perfect Networking Tool

    Apart from the benefits mentioned, there is also the fact that for so many years, cards have been used as the primary networking tool for social events. There’s a reason many gatherings still have a big bowl or box for guests to drop off their cards. As such, the norm is unlikely to change, and people would expect you to possess a business card when you go to a networking event. Should you not have a business card, others might feel that your business is not that well-established.

    Apart from that, business cards make your business referrable. Even if the people you have networked with don’t require your service, it doesn’t mean that their acquaintances don’t. As such, a business card can even potentially become an avenue for referrals.

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