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  • Education Booklet Printing: Great Printing Projects

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    Education booklet printing covers a wide range of projects. When you involve your students, fellow teachers, or parents in a project, you create a sense of community. These education booklet printing projects show off your school’s creativity and leave a legacy for the future. Here’s how to create memorable booklets and other printed projects.

    Education Booklet Printing — Classroom Anthology

    A classroom anthology is a great way to involve your students in a fun education booklet printing project. Unlike the yearbook, which focuses on the whole school, your anthology focuses on one group of students. It’s a group you’ve spent time with, and an anthology will help you commemorate that.

    What should be in your classroom anthology education booklet printing project? Make it about your students by inviting each one to contribute in the way they choose:

    • Picture or painting
    • Photograph
    • Poem
    • Memoir
    • Cartoon
    • School paper
    • Short story
    • Nonfiction essay

    Don’t worry about how you’ll fit all these various items into a single theme. The theme is your classroom. It’s a celebration of their creativity and a chance to express themselves.

    Involving your class in printing and production is an enjoyable learning experience. Teach them about the printing process, and let them see for themselves how their PDF files turn into a solid, printed book.

    Your finished anthology will make a wonderful memento of your time with these students. It also gives them a beautiful education booklet printing project they’ll be proud to share with their family and treasure as a reminder of their time in your class.

    Classroom Instructions for Substitute Teachers

    Substitute teachers are lifesavers for educators who must take time off for illness or family emergencies. Did you know that most students end up spending the equivalent of one full year with a substitute?

    Teachers depend on substitutes, and the best substitute teachers bring enthusiasm and stimulating activities to the classroom. They provide continuity of education and ongoing support.

    Since they’re important, help them feel valued with an education booklet printing handbook designed just for them. A substitute teacher education booklet printing can help the substitute do a good job.

    Include a checklist the substitute can use with entries like:

    • Take attendance
    • Make a note of any students who arrived late
    • Collect homework
    • Pass out the day’s instructional materials
    • Ask students if they have any questions
    • Collect student classroom work
    • Grade the material
    • Leave the student work and homework in clearly marked files on the teacher’s desk
    • Turn off lights and equipment

    The substitute guide might also include:

    • How-to instructions for classroom equipment
    • What to do about students who show up without books or other materials
    • Location of the principal’s office
    • Location of the teacher lounge, cafeteria, and gym
    • Copy of school rules
    • Things the substitute teacher can’t do (for instance, make personal phone calls, physically discipline students, or take videos of the school)

    Yearbook Education Booklet Printing

    The yearbook is a classic staple of education booklet printing. Instead of creating a standard hardcover yearbook, make one that’s a lightweight booklet. It will cost less to produce and be easier for students to carry around.

    Producing a yearbook requires a team dedicated to collecting class photos, soliciting artwork, and celebrating major events of the year. Typically, a yearbook features the students who won prizes, homecoming, prom, and school volunteer efforts. Pages may also be dedicated to school plays, clubs, and the sports team.

    When you decide on a yearbook booklet, start by gathering a team of editors. Assign a task to each one. You’ll also have to decide which artwork, essays, poems, and other student creations make it to the final version. Everyone wants to be in the yearbook, so make sure you have a fair, transparent process for picking the best selections.

    School Magazine

    Booklet printing for education projects can include a school magazine. Use the magazine to teach your students the fundamentals of working on deadlines, handling proofs, and print production planning. They’ll get an inside look at how their favorite magazines are made.

    Even in our digital age, printed magazines remain very popular. People enjoy reading them and looking at them. Most readers turn to them for helpful, insightful articles and beautiful illustrations. Your students will enjoy producing a magazine that looks good and has excellent content.

    Where do you start? Consider which categories you think your magazine should include:

    • School news
    • Movie reviews
    • Music reviews
    • Game reviews
    • Book reviews
    • Advice column
    • How-to articles
    • Photos
    • Artwork

    Decide if you want the magazine to be monthly, bimonthly, or seasonal. While a teacher should serve as the managing editor who oversees everything, allow the students to become editors, copy editors, and layout experts. Some may want to write their own articles, but the magazine should accept contributions from students all over the school.

    Welcome Education Booklet Printing for New Students

    Being new at a school is never fun. To ease the transition for incoming students, ask your class to create a booklet based on the theme, “What I wish I knew about this school before I started here.” The ideas can be humorous, but try to keep the emphasis on welcoming, helpful tips that will help newcomers feel less at a loss.

    Include information about the best places to study, where to get help for various situations, and what school clubs and activities are available. Include an invitation to reach out to a teacher if the new student needs more help than the booklet provides.

    Your students may remember what it felt like to start at a new grade level or a new school where they didn’t know anyone. Use the booklet as a warm way to welcome students and their families.

    Binding Options for Education Booklet Printing

    Now that you have the content, illustrations, and layout ready to go, it’s time to consider your binding options. You can choose perfect or wire (spiral) binding for your booklet. Here’s what you need to consider when making the right choice.

    Perfect binding

    For perfect binding, your booklet must have:

    • A front and back cover
    • Title and artwork for the spine
    • Minimum page number: Perfect binding requires a minimum of 20 sheets to create a solid, thick booklet with a visible spine. Booklets can have up to 100 sheets and still have perfect binding.
    • Inside pages: In perfect binding, you don’t have to fold the pages, so you can add paper to make the booklet bigger. Each sheet of paper adds two additional pages when you use perfect binding.

    The best paper choice for your booklet is uncoated stock. Uncoated stock binds better, so your booklet is more likely to stand up to frequent handling. Use glossy pages for the covers.

    Wire binding

    Coil or wire binding uses tiny spiral wires to produce a booklet that can lay flat while it’s open. The spiral binding is like the binding of a standard school notebook. You can see the coils on the left-hand side of the printed book.

    A booklet with wire binding needs:

    • Page counts in multiples of 2
    • Artwork that fits on an individual page with preferably no spreads
    • Additional bleed areas of 3mm and safety areas of 5mm on each side of the page

    You can choose any paper type of a wire-bound booklet. You can also use heavy-duty card stock for the covers.

    Get Started with Education Booklet Printing

    Booklet printing for education starts with a great idea. It ends with a finished product you and your students will be proud to share. If your project could use professional printing, contact Dazzle Printing for fast, affordable service.


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