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  • Event Booklet: How to Create a Memorable Booklet

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    If it’s time for your major event, it’s time for event booklet printing. Your event deserves a booklet that helps market your event, explain its importance, and get your target audience to take some action. You can do all that by creating an event booklet that stands out for its content and design. Here are tips to creating memorable event booklets.

    Get Organized: Begin Planning Your Content

    Start by determining the content of your booklet. Ask yourself these questions: What is the purpose of my booklet? What do I want people to get from reading it? Typically, there are several key purposes to event booklet printing.

    • To explain why your event matters: Is it a fundraiser, it is a way to increase your membership size, or is it a celebration of your organization and its leaders? Knowing this will help you write content that explains why people want to attend.
    • To spur specific activities: Most event booklets expect a response from the reader. Do you want readers of your booklet to contact you, sign up to attend your event, or donate to your cause? Be sure your booklet includes easy ways for people to respond. Toll-free numbers, website links, and donation forms should be clearly marked.
    • To enhance your brand: The most memorable event booklets reflect the branding of their organization. Use your logo, company colors, and other branding elements. Your booklets will become part of your overall branding and marketing.

    Get Organized: Identify Your Target Audience

    Who is your booklet aimed at? Typically, an event booklet is written for people who are already familiar with your company or organization. If you are hosting or taking part in an industry event, your audience will be other people involved in your industry or business sector. Events held by nonprofit organizations, churches, or charities have a different audience.

    Your booklet could also focus on outsiders who don’t know who you are and what you do. In that case, include a paragraph or two explaining your mission and structure. This can be helpful to people who don’t know you and may not understand why they should be interested in your event. Make it easy for them to understand why your event matters by forging a connection with your group or cause.

    Start Writing

    Once you’ve determined what you want your booklet to do and who your booklet is aimed at, you can start writing the content of your booklet.

    To help you craft the perfect content for your booklet, ask yourself:

    • What are the key points you want to highlight about your event?
    • What should readers know about your organization in general and this event in particular?
    • Why should people attend your event?
    • Where will you place information about dates, time, attendance fees, and registration?

    When planning your event booklet printing, you must know:

    • How many pages long is your booklet?
    • Will you divide it into sections? How many sections will it have?
    • What graphics will you include in your booklet?

    You can get ideas for your content by studying other memorable event booklets you’ve seen. They’ll help you with wording, tone, and message.

    Use Chapters and Subheadings

    A booklet is meant to be scanned and read quickly. It’s not a novel that readers pick up and read from the first page to the last. Make it easy on readers by breaking up the text with frequent subheadings, callouts, highlighted areas, and other elements that help them get a quick idea of what you’re offering. Use plenty of white space in your design to create a clean look.

    If your event booklet is long enough, you may need a table of contents page to help readers get to the information they need quickly. One idea is to use physical tabs like those you see in calendars and planners. When event booklet printing, talk to your printing professional about adding those tabs. You may need to change your binding style to incorporate them.

    Use a Clean, Consistent Design

    Memorable event booklets have attractive, cohesive layouts. Limit your choices to two fonts. Use one font for the text and another for subheads and titles. Choose colors and graphics consistent with your organization’s branding.

    Professional-looking design will lift your booklet out of the ordinary. You can hire a professional graphic designer for the best results. If that’s out of your budget, look at the free templates and how-to’s available from these sites:

    • Support.microsoft.com: Create a Booklet Using a Word Template
    • Adobe Express: Free Online Custom Booklet Maker
    • Template.net: Free Booklet Template
    • Canva: Online Brochure Maker

    Quick Checklist for Memorable Event Booklets

    Before you start event booklet printing, make sure you have included the following key elements of a memorable booklet.

    • What the event is: Have you made it clear what the occasion or event is? Also, be sure to clarify the purpose of the event. Is it a tour, a meeting, a convention, a fundraiser, an awards ceremony, or a festival? Use clear, simple language.
    • Dates and times: Spell out the dates of the event. On what day do the actual events begin, and when can people sign up? Include information about the location. Has your company rented a block of hotel rooms, and where can people get that information?
    • Company logo: Your company logo and branding colors should be key parts of your booklet. Make sure it has a prominent place and is large enough to be eye-catching.
    • Ways to participate: What do readers need to participate in the event? If there is an attendance fee, tell them what it is. If they must be members of your association, state that, and explain whether they can get a membership in time to take part, for instance, by going online. Is there a dress code? Do they need to donate physical items or money to attend? Spell it out clearly in a prominent spot on the booklet.
    • Contact information: Dedicate one page to your contact information, and repeat the information on other pages throughout the booklet. Make sure you add your email address, social media accounts, websites, QR codes, and toll-free numbers. If you’re offering a discount or special to booklet readers, be sure they can see the code clearly and understand how to use it. Using this type of discount code is a good way to check the response rate on your booklets.

    Event Booklet Printing: What Are Your Options?

    When it’s time to print your event booklets, you can choose perfect binding, plastic coil or wire-o binding, or saddle stitch.

    If you select perfect binding, you will need a front and back cover. This style looks professional and is best for booklets that have a minimum of 20 pages to produce the right thickness. Perfect binding will work for booklets up to several hundred pages.

    Wire-o or plastic coil binding produces a booklet that will lay flat when open. It is a good choice for larger booklets. However, the binding can make these booklets bulky.

    Saddle stitch binding works for any booklet with 80 or fewer pages. Although an inexpensive option, saddle stitching is not as attractive or professional-looking as perfect binding.

    You Can Create a Memorable Event Booklet

    At Dazzle Printing, we are ready to help you produce memorable event booklets. When it’s time for event booklet printing, contact our experienced, professional team.


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