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  • Event Program Printing: A Starter Guide

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    Creating an event program printing project can feel overwhelming. Providing a comprehensive program is essential to your event’s success. Using the following steps, develop the program in manageable steps. Once you have it professionally printed, your final product will be something you’ll be glad to see in every pair of hands at your event.

    Step 1 – Put It on Paper

    First, type up all the information you want to include in your event program printing. Include an introduction that summarizes for your audience the mission of your event. If the event is going to support an organization or a cause, make sure to briefly describe what makes it worthy of attention. Create an organized breakdown of the events. Include any general announcements about safety or other basic protocol.

    Step 2 – Break It Down, Dress It Up

    Once you have everything down, break it up into appropriate sections for your event program printing. You should just have a few categories: introduction, general housekeeping information, and the schedule of events. Now that you have all your material in front of you, start adding in supplemental information to your event program.

    Think about images, either from your organization or from online resources. If you have any instructions that you want event attendees to follow, make sure you include illustrations to go along with the directions.

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    Step 3 – Pick a Size and Shape

    Now that you have all the material in place, you can pick a size and shape for your event program. If your information is brief, make a simple flyer. Create a border, use bright colors, and choose a font that’s easy to read.

    You could use smaller, 5 x 7 cardstock. For a more involved event, consider making a program that’s more like a brochure. An 11 x 17 tri-folded program will allow you to break up different sections without relying on graphic design. Larger event program printing projects will likely be in the form of a booklet.

    Step 4 – Finalize the Event Program Printing Design

    Now that you know what the end product looks like, put your information into an event program template. You can find them online, or in your word processing program.

    White space is important. Fewer lines make for a cleaner design and won’t distract from the essential information in the program. Make sure you put the times for events in bold, to make the program easy for attendees to skim.

    Print it and examine the design on paper before you make your final decisions. Check out sample event programs and other event program examples and see how it compares. Once you’ve gone through a couple of revisions, you’ll feel confident in your end product. Send it off to Dazzle Printing, and you’re done!

    Check out our booklet printing page for information on printing your event program when it is completed.

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