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printed product catalogs

6 Breakthrough Marketing Tips for Printed Product Catalogs

Whether your business is large or small, you need marketing to get the word out about your products. For most companies, printed product catalogs are the best way to build your brand and engage your customers. Even in today’s digital … Continue reading »

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color catalog printing

Color Catalog Printing: Spotlight on Dam Coolers

Dam Coolers is an outdoor and lifestyle company with a fun attitude and innovative approach to creation. Their products are Efficient, Versatile, and Practical. Or as they say at Dam Coolers, Light.Tight.Right. Dam Coolers sells high performing vacuum insulated hard … Continue reading »

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catalog design tips

7 Dazzling Catalog Design Tips

A catalog is your chance to show your product or service off to the world. A beautifully designed catalog is a showpiece. It’s also an excellent marketing tool that can increase your sales and heighten customer loyalty. If you’re producing … Continue reading »

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printed industrial catalog

Printed Industrial Catalog: 7 Tips to Create a Dazzling One

Many companies now have an online presence, putting business and pricing information at the fingertips of customers and clients. But just because digital access is available doesn’t mean that customers don’t still appreciate having a tangible catalog or business brochure … Continue reading »

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catalog marketing

Marketing with Catalogs

In today’s increasingly digital world, finding effective ways to connect with customers is trickier than ever. Instead of sinking even more money into digital marketing, you should consider returning to basics a bit through catalog marketing. Catalogs have been a … Continue reading »

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The Dos And Donts When Designing A Product Catalog

The Do’s And Don’ts of Product Catalog Design

In recent years, catalogs have made a big comeback. While many had believed the advancement of technology would render product catalogs obsolete, that has not been the case. In recent years, more businesses are printing them. This can be attributed … Continue reading »

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Product Catalog Design

Product Catalog Design Mistakes To Avoid

With the unyielding advancement of technology continuing to pick up pace, it is incredible that product catalog designs, which were thought to be obsolete just a few years ago, have made a big comeback. Over the last few years, more … Continue reading »

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famous catalogs

Famous Catalogs and What Made Them a Success

Before the age of online shopping, there was only one other way to browse your favorite store’s inventory from the comfort of your home: their mail-order catalog. Both a nuisance and a novelty, mail-order catalogs have been a part of … Continue reading »

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direct mail marketing

Why Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Self-publication is not limited to short stories, novels, and magazines. In fact, one of the most solid areas of self-publication is located within the marketing genre. More specifically, direct mail marketing is one of the most effective and increasingly popular … Continue reading »

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marketing to seniors

Marketing to Seniors with Catalog Printing

Most people have heard the buzz about technology’s role in marketing. In fact, many highly respected marketing professionals have made predictions concerning social media’s potential overtaking of more traditional marketing styles. While the technology marketing hype may have some accuracy, … Continue reading »

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