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  • Financial Advisor Printing: 9 Ways to Maximize Firm Growth

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    Building a client base and developing new contacts are both a big part of marketing your financial advisor business. Hosting and attending in-person events and digital marketing play a big role in meeting new potential customers. However, many firms also utilize physical printed marketing materials to build their customer base and put advisory information directly into their client’s hands. Let’s take a look at why you should be using financial advisor printing in your firm and 9 print marketing ideas you can use right now to grow your business.

    Why Financial Advisor Printing Matters

    Diversifying your approach to growing your business is key to any successful financial advising firm. Just as every client requires a personalized, unique approach to managing their financial future, firms should also create marketing materials that showcase the distinctiveness of their firm and its advisors. But employing financial advisor printing materials will change the way the community sees you as well as influence what your current customers think, too.

    • Financial advisor printing increase your firm’s visibility in the community. Between informational flyers, posters inviting them to free, public events about financial services, and novelty items imprinted with your business name, the opportunities to promote your advising business’s name are endless. And using your firm’s brand with the community helps to widen your potential customer base while bringing name recognition to your business.
    • Financial advisor printing creates credibility for your firm. As your business integrates into the fabric of the community, increased visibility will build trust in your name and brand.
    • Customers can keep financial advisor printing. Financial advisor printing matters because customers appreciate having tangible materials to keep, look over, and refer back to. Digital marketing can be convenient for the business, but print marketing is long-lasting and keeps information at your client’s fingertips for quick reference.

    9 Financial Advisor Printing Ideas to Help You Grow Your Business

    Growing your client base and increasing your firm’s status in the community are both primary goals for marketing your firm. And our creative but targeted financial advisor printing ideas will help increase your firm’s name recognition in the community, connect with potential customers as well as provide excellent personal and meaningful financial services to your existing clients.

    1. Raise Awareness

    Many financial advisor firms already have a robust calendar of events designed to connect with the community and potential clients. One great way to elevate your invitations is to use custom-printed postcards to connect with your prospective attendees. Inexpensive and simple to customize for each event, postcards provide a tangible reminder about event details that won’t get forgotten on a digital calendar.

    Postcards are also good to raise awareness about your firm’s website and other digital marketing tools like social media links or links to focused content your recipient might use. Include a QR code to link directly to the digital format to make connecting to your content quick and easy for anyone with a smart device.

    2. Promote Events

    Upcoming meet and greets, presentations or holding a booth at a convention can all be advertised with financial advisor printing materials like posters and customized business cards. Full-color posters are a great way to provide event details and can even be outfitted with QR codes to RSVP or get more information about the event.

    Posters provide great promotional opportunities as well as being a perfect way to increase name recognition and brand awareness in the community, too. And the use of personalized, professional business cards by your advising team provides another way to leave a tangible contact with potential customers or event attendees while also marketing the brand as a whole.

    3. Provide Firm Information

    Create targeted brochures to highlight firm features or special services offered or even to spotlight individual employees within the firm. Sleek, professional brochures can be slipped into client folders, handed out at events, used as talking points during meetings or even uniquely developed to complement specific workshops or events. These booklets will remain as a reminder of the event, discussion, or presentation and will provide a handy location for potential customers to access firm names, numbers or email addresses to get more information.

    4. Keep In Touch

    Digital marketing plans rely on developing large email contact lists but mailed financial advisor printing marketing goes directly to the mailbox of potential customers, bypassing spam filters. Creating a regular printed newsletter can provide ample opportunities to foster a relationship with potential customers with engaging articles that can help them in their financial planning and also lifestyle content intended to appeal to the recipient’s likely interests.

    Newsletters can include event calendars that also include community events to cultivate strong ties with the area that can become a trusted resource for the community over time. Print newsletters also offer almost an unlimited number of ways to connect with your customers and potential customers through guest writers, service and employee spotlights, Q & A sections and links to your digital marketing materials.

    5. Focus on the Firm

    Creating evergreen content that will never become outdated or lose relevance is always a good idea when developing financial advisor printing materials for your firm. So if your financial advisor business has a unique philosophy, a compelling origin story or another interesting perspective that would be appreciated by the community, your customers or potential clients, consider publishing a book about it.

    Having a published book about your business builds instant credibility for the firm and the book’s contributors. And the book can also be given out to new customers, provided to meeting attendees and used as a discussion starter in meetings.

    6. Highlight Key Information

    The information that clients need to know can sometimes be overwhelming. So utilizing flyers to deliver smaller chunks of information about financial services or even to spotlight how key employees serve clients is an excellent option for financial advisor printing marketing.

    Simple or complex flyers can be created for one-time or evergreen use and can be slipped into client folders, handed out at events or presented to potential customers as needed. Firms can build up a library of flyers for specific situations to make accessing and providing that information simple, quick and convenient without having to develop a new resource every time that topic or content is required.

    7. Welcome New Clients

    When a new client comes on board, it is standard practice to provide them with a host of information about their new working relationship and the services they can expect with your firm. And one way that financial advisors can ensure the relationship starts off on a good footing is to prepare a new client welcome package that includes a personalized folder containing company information, service and employee details as well as a handwritten, branded thank you card from their new financial advisor or team.

    Providing these personal touches shows clients that your firm will see them as a valuable part of their business and not just another business transaction. And while receiving the documents digitally may be convenient for some, the printed materials in a welcome folder will remain as a visible reminder and marketing tool long after digital tools are opened and filed away.

    8. Leave Reminders

    Everyone loves freebies and when clients are entrusting their finances with your firm, providing them with a fun branded token is a great way to say thanks and help them to think about the business. Useful reminders like customized notepads will be a welcome gift and they also will keep your firm’s name visible for days or weeks to come.

    Other novelty gifts that can be branded like coffee mugs or tote bags are also popular and provide ongoing marketing for your business as well as providing a useful item for your clients and for other potential customers to notice as well.

    9. Work With a Trusted Printer

    Growing your financial advisor business is the focus of your marketing efforts but to make sure that your printed marketing tools look great, make sure that you work with a trusted printer like Dazzle Printing. We have been working with businesses like financial advising firms for decades, printing gorgeous products that help them be more successful and grow their businesses.

    Contact us today to get started developing the right financial advisor printing marketing products for your firm so you can bring in new clients and reach potential clients with professional, beautifully made products from Dazzle Printing.


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