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    The day-to-day operation of a home health care company involves excellent communication with clients, employees, and medical teams in addition to providing top-notch care for clients.

    And part of that communication comes from working with a printing company to provide home health care printing that will show your community how much you care about your current and future clients and help you to develop trust with current and prospective clients, outside providers, and employees.

    So how can home health care printing do all of this? Let’s look at how a partnership with a great printing company can positively impact your home health care printing plan so you can focus on what matters most: providing excellent client care.

    Present Your Business Thoroughly with Home Health Care Printing

    Home health care printing should begin with an attractive brochure or flyer detailing the heart of your business and what services you provide clients and families. Potential clients will need to know what types of care you provide and what services they can expect if they work with you.

    Create marketing materials that are easy to understand and thoroughly explain what care clients can receive. Some of the topics your home health care printing materials should include:

    • Care types offered: companionship, home health care, personal care or private duty nursing care
    • Details about care: each level of care available, the frequency of caretaking, clear descriptions of what caretakers can and cannot do, insurance coverage information and professional licensure of your employees and facility
    • Services provided: companions, home health aides, occupational therapists, physical therapists or registered nurses

    Develop business presentation materials with your audience in mind.

    That may mean creating separate pamphlets for each type of client you want to reach to make the most of home health care printing services or creating informational brochures for potential employees detailing company expectations and resources so you can continue attracting top-notch caregivers.

    Community Connections

    Use home health care printing services to highlight what you do best, since many potential clients have to decide on health care providers with little or no physical contact with the caregivers beforehand.

    When families or individuals see the need for extended care at home, many times the conversation begins with their current medical team or the discharge staff at a hospital or care facility.

    And home health care providers have an opportunity to make a connection right then with potential clients with the right brochure or flyers.

    So be sure to create focused, meaningful flyers, pamphlets, and other informational home health care printing materials that they can hand directly to potential clients to give them the information they need to make this critical decision for themselves or their loved ones.

    Target the Right Audience with Home Health Care Printing

    Your home health care printing materials should be focused on the right audience to be impactful. The focus of the materials may be directed at the potential clients themselves or their family members, but printers have a wide range of options to choose from when you want your marketing to connect with the right audience.

    Capturing the Hearts of Potential Clients

    Home health care companies have the opportunity to make potential clients and their families feel comfortable when discussing the types of care they can provide.

    With well-designed, branded materials that potential clients and their families can keep, home health care companies can answer questions and ease minds while also keeping their own brand visible while the decision-making process occurs.

    Some of the ways that businesses can combine providing print marketing with necessary client information tools are

    • To provide care and caregiver options on brochures or booklets
    • To offer inserts highlighting directors and employees
    • To utilize branded business cards and folders for the potential client to keep their information safe

    Home Health Care Marketing to Medical Providers

    Print marketing is a critical tool for home health care companies to use with medical practices and discharge staff who will be discussing options with their patients.

    Prepared folders, targeted brochures, content-rich flyers and branded business cards are all excellent items to provide to practices and medical facilities that may want to discuss your business with their patients or their families.

    It is also a good idea to consider giving useful, branded novelty items at the same time to help them remember your business on a daily basis like water bottles, coffee mugs, or hand sanitizer bottles. Be sure to follow all rules that medical practices may have regarding gifts or gratuities as well as Stark Law regulations.

    Senior Care Home Health Care Marketing

    When attending senior fairs, medical conventions, or other community events where families or individuals might be seeking information about home health services, novelty items can be paired with flyers, brochures and business cards to disseminate information about your business.

    Use posters to advertise your attendance and direct potential clients to your location or to focus on the promotion of specific services and have folders prepared to assist when discussing specific situations or concerns.

    Client Resource Printing

    Another way that printed tools can enhance your home health care business is by providing clients with a personalized, physical resource to keep.

    While online tools are handy, having a folder or binder with resources at your fingertips is helpful and necessary for some clients or their family members who are not as internet savvy or do not have regular access to those resources.

    Client Folder

    Including the services clients are receiving, lists of current caregivers or service providers, detailed information about their care and schedule as well as all information about the company and their contract in one place like a binder or folder will be an indispensable resource. Some home health providers may even include a contact list of emergency medical practices to call on as well.

    This tool can also be a helpful spot to provide a reminder of services that the company can and cannot provide so that not only clients but also families and friends can access it easily, making the caregiving relationship more straightforward and transparent for everyone involved.

    Formalizing Content: Publishing Information

    Another service that home healthcare providers can give their clients is to print and gift an About Us book. This professionally bound and printed book is an excellent way to deliver evergreen company information and the caretaking process in general.

    This book could also contain information about safety, mobility and health concerns commonly associated with home health care. Home health care printing that includes a formal book or booklet elevates your business and is a great marketing tool to use with clients as well.

    Providing a Personal Touch

    Printing services are an excellent way to provide that personal touch to your business. Print and send out regular newsletters to highlight care information, changes in laws or regulations that might affect client care as well as to recognize caregivers and staff.

    Using customized notes to write handwritten thank yous and branded letterhead to communicate with clients and their families look professional while also connecting in a personal way. Caregivers can utilize personalized notepads to give daily or weekly feedback to families about their loved ones as well.

    Employee Care: Part of Your Home Health Care Printing Plan

    A valuable way to utilize home health care printing is to provide key materials that your employees will use every day.

    • Training Materials: Providing hard copies of training materials in a binder makes it easier to keep employees apprised of updated expectations as well as gives them a centralized location to store all company information.
      Employees that work outside of a facility need an on-hand guide to clarify regulations and reminders about the care they can — and cannot – provide.
    • Daily Use: Printed work logs make keeping track of care and client changes easy. Since providing the best care possible is the goal, this logbook can hold the patient’s medical information, medication lists and doctor contacts to assist any caregivers that may work with that person.

    Partnering with Dazzle Printing for Your Home Health Care Printing Needs

    Whether your home care business is new or established over many years, partnering with a trusted printing company like Dazzle Printing is key to making sure you reach the right people in the right way, every day.

    And developing a marketing plan to support your clients, employees, and potential clients that includes working with a printer with years of experience making you look good is the best way to do that.

    Dazzle Printing offers a variety of print products to help with all your home health care printing needs. In addition, we offer a variety of paper choices, binding styles, and other options so that you can tailor your printing exactly to your needs. And on top of that, we offer outstanding client service, free ground UPS shipping on orders over $399, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When your printing project is ready, be sure to check out Dazzle Printing‘s services. If you have any questions, you can contact us via phone, email, or online chat.


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