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  • Online Print Shop: 6 Tips for Choosing a Great Shop

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    You need to get your work printed, and quickly. Why go to a physical print shop, when you have so many options when it comes to and online print shop? Self-publishing is a great option for people looking to have full control of their content. It has become an increasingly popular option, even for seasoned authors.

    Online shopping has introduced a level of ease unique to the internet generation. But one convenience virtual reality can’t offer: snap-judgment. It’s easy to size up a business when you walk into their store. Is the inventory well-organized? Are all the shelves stocked? Is everything nice and clean?

    Even if you’re not checking things off a list, you get a distinct impression, based on how well-run and inviting the surroundings. Online, you can’t always tell what’s going on behind the scenes. Nowadays, it’s pretty simple for the average person to create a professional website. So, how to choose an online print shop?

    Be on the lookout for vanity presses disguised as legitimate publishers. These businesses trick authors into paying exorbitant amounts to have their book published. They also often produce subpar printing. Make sure to thoroughly research any company you use. When you self-publish, you should concentrate on investing in high-quality online printing services.

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    With a professional end-product, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that money can’t buy.

    Tips for Choosing an Online Print Shop

    Things to look for when choosing an online print shop:

    1. Does the website have a testimonial page? Satisfied customers are the best gauge of any business. A long list of positive reviews is the best indication that you’ve found a winner.

    2. Make sure the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the finished product, you should have recourse to fix the mistake.

    3. Don’t put up with printers that force you to order in bulk. If you only want 50 copies printed, you shouldn’t be asked to pay for 250. Choose a publisher willing to print the exact number you want.

    5. Make sure the online print shop you use has readily available staff, ready to answer your questions. Once you’ve decided on a printer, start a conversation with them. See if they respond quickly, and are able to answer every question you have about the printing process.

    6. Ask for samples. A high-quality online print shop will be able to provide you with samples of work they’ve done in the past. Have them send it to you so you can evaluate their results before you invest in their services.

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