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  • How to Write a Brochure: Finding an Audience

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    Need to write a brochure? With your brochure marketing, show how much knowledge you have about your audience. You should know exactly what they want from your product. Start with the basics. How old is your audience? Where do they work? How much disposable income do they have? Then focus on what makes your product special – what is it that your product can do that no other product can?

    Write a Brochure: Tips

    Many brochures make the mistake of focusing on communicating as much information about the company and the product as will fit in the brochure. Instead, you should include only the information that your audience will find immediately useful in your brochure printing. Focus on making an emotional connection with your audience. This will take some creative thinking. Put aside some time for a good brainstorming session before you create your brochure. This is a major part of how to write a brochure.

    You should know from your market research what your client is looking for in a product. Based on the same research, you should have some idea of what they like aesthetically. Do they have a good sense of humor? Do they like clean, no-nonsense designs? From the content to the graphics, all of the information in your brochure should have some connection to what kind of customers make up the bulk of your sales.

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    No matter who you’re selling to, when you write a brochure, the text should be simple and direct. Don’t write long sentences. As a general rule, don’t write sentences that require more than one comma. Not everything has to be a bullet-pointed list, but you should write most of your sentences as you would write a list. Include only the most important pieces of information.

    There is an exception to this rule. If your audience has a high level of familiarity with your product, then a brochure is an appropriate place to include specific, technical information. If, on the other hand, your customers don’t yet know what your product can do for them, make sure to only include the technical information that is easiest to grasp in your brochure marketing.

    Your brochure is a preview to a full-length feature. It should entice the audience to want to see more, but it shouldn’t give away the entire plot. Make sure to include elements of surprise. Not exactly a plot twist (this is about how to make a brochure, not a mystery novel!), but something that your audience didn’t know, or wouldn’t guess, about your products or services.

    Check out this article for more inspiration on how to write a brochure.

    When you write a brochure, you also have to consider printing it. Printing your brochure professionally is essential to the presentation. Brochures printed on high-quality paper make a good impression. A great product deserves a great brochure. Contact Dazzle Printing to get started on yours today!

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