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writing portfolio

Writing Portfolio: 8 Steps to Create a Stunning Portfolio

When is a writing portfolio warranted? The steps a candidate takes when applying for a job or to be considered for freelance work vary across different industries. Everyone needs a strong resume to reflect their past work history and educational … Continue reading »

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leaflet printing

Leaflet Printing: A 6 Step Definitive Design Guide

What is leaflet printing? Businesses use all kinds of printed and digital marketing materials to reach potential customers and strengthen relationships with current ones. And using a quick-to-make yet highly effective marketing tool like a leaflet is the perfect way … Continue reading »

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coloring book sales

Coloring Book Sales: 6 Steps for Success

Are you an artist who enjoys creating fanciful, detailed drawings? If so, a collection of your drawings might lead to significant coloring book sales. Here’s what it takes to enter this popular market and get your share of coloring book … Continue reading »

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graphic design tips

Awesome Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

Are you a business owner who wants to create eye-catching marketing materials? Are you an employee who’s just been told you have to take on the design and printing of the company newsletter? You might run church or a small … Continue reading »

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personalized business notebooks

Personalized Business Notebooks: 7 Tips to Design and Print Outstanding Notebooks

Everyone needs a notebook, and a personalized notebook is a great idea for any business. You can create notebooks that enhance your professional image with your unique style. Here’s a guide to creating great-looking personalized business notebooks. Reasons to Print … Continue reading »

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calendar printing promotion

Calendar Printing Promotion to Profit Your Business

One of the things businesses often do to stay connected with their customers and clients is to gift them something branded. But water bottles, koozies, and other trinkets often end up stashed (or worse, trashed) and the business’s efforts are … Continue reading »

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dance recital program

Dance Recital Program: 10 Tips Create a Dazzling Program

A dance recital is your chance to show off all the hard work you and your dance company have done over the past year. One of the best ways to commemorate this wonderful event is with a well-written, beautifully designed … Continue reading »

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Key Elements Of An Effective Postcard Design

Key Elements of an Effective Postcard Design

Postcard marketing has been around for a very long time. Even with the rise of digital advertising like social media campaigns, it is still being adopted by businesses today, so it is important to use effective postcard design. This is … Continue reading »

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What Is The Best Binding Style For Your Print Project

What Is the Best Binding Style for Your Print Project?

When you first decide that you are going to print a book, magazine, catalog, or booklet, you have probably recognized that you need to select the best binding style for your project. After all, it is not always an option … Continue reading »

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color brochure printing

Make Your Color Brochure Printing Dazzle!

Great color brochure printing helps you sell your business, your products, and your services. It needs to stand out to capture attention. So, if you are in a frazzle about how to make your color brochure printing dazzle, then here … Continue reading »

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