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    Law practice printing needs are as constant and as varied as the tasks facing the firm each day. From the supplies needed to run a successful meeting with a potential client to forms and documents required to maintain the day-to-day requirements of legal work to the tools used to build good client relationships, running a successful law practice requires an array of different items be at hand to keep the practice running smoothly.

    But what kinds of law practice printing documents should you have ready? To keep your firm running smoothly, your firm should focus on three categories of law practice printing supplies: products that make the right first impression, supplies that assist in building strong relationships with current and future clients, and law practice printing projects that meet your legal needs.

    Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Law Practice Printing

    Meeting with potential clients is a critical part of any law practice and a successful agenda usually involves delivering key practice information. To be prepared, a law practice can develop these documents that will not only support the practice’s unique client needs but will also make sure that the firm is putting its best foot forward during the important initial consultation meetings.

    • Booklets: A saddle stitch booklet is perfect for showcasing what services the firm offers as a quick resource to leave with potential or new clients. They can be created to reflect important information, “next steps,” key contacts, or anything else that would be helpful to have at a glance.
    • Brochures and Flyers: Unbound, folded brochures and single-page flyers are ideal law practice printing items for providing up-to-date information about a law firm. Use these to give current service details, for attorney bios, or to highlight the specialties accessible in the firm. These are also relatively inexpensive to update and conveniently sized to tuck into potential client folders or give out to the community.
    • Business Cards: Branded cards are a must to identify each member of the law practice but they can also be a unique calling card that reflects the mission and heart of the law practice as well. Since they are used with prospective and current clients as well as exchanged with other members of the legal community, a professional business card is one of the law practice printing basics every firm needs.
    • Letterhead and Envelopes: Digitally printed letterhead and envelopes are perfect for everyday use in the legal field while more elegant options like engraving are available when it counts. Firms should have access to both types of letterhead and envelopes to meet the level of formality that their specific communication requires.
    • Presentation Folders: Meeting with prospective clients can involve a lot of paperwork and information that is provided to a client. Placing it in a professionally crafted presentation folder will look great and ensure that they have everything they need to proceed.
      Branded folders are a great way to quietly market the law firm and the folders can be prefilled with brochures, flyers, or rack cards before being customized for each specific client.
    • Rack Cards: A perfect location to give focused firm information for law practice printing, rack cards can be made in a variety of sizes to fit your office’s space or distribution plan. These at-a-glance cards are excellent tools to snapshot specific services or legal terms as well as conveniently provide a space for the firm’s contact information.

    Building Relationships

    Law firms need to create strong client relationships and law practice printing services can help by becoming the link between the firm and the client. Company branding along with products that are cleverly designed to reflect the firm’s attitude and personality can help to cement good connections with clients and the community.

    • Holiday Cards: Seasonal law practice printing provides an opportunity to reach out to the clients and the community and to offer thanks for the relationship in the past and coming years. Personalized with pictures, meaningful graphics, or a simple heartfelt message, a holiday card is a welcomed, soft marketing outreach that every firm should utilize.
    • Invitations and Response Cards: When formal events like presentations or seminars are scheduled, guests love to receive printed invitations as well as return response cards. These add an air of sophistication and increase excitement about upcoming events, and since printed invitations are likely to be displayed as a reminder of the event, they also serve as an excellent marketing tool.
    • Personalized Stationery and Notecards: For that personal touch, every attorney should have their own personalized stationery and notecards to connect with clients when the situation arises. Different than branded firm letterhead, personalized stationery or custom notecards are meant to be directly from the attorney or firm employee and are key elements in building strong client relationships.
    • Promotional Products Novelty or freebies like notepads, calendars or tumblers emblazoned with the firm name are an excellent way to utilize law practice printing resources. Distributed at community events, gifted to new clients, presented at networking events or even presented as employee thank you’s, promotional products are an excellent way to market the firm while fostering good relationships.

    Supporting Client Communication with Law Practice Printing

    The primary focus of any law firm is to work directly with or for their clients. So any law firm printing strategy should include all the tools necessary to create an environment where client communication and needs are prioritized.

    • Announcements: When a new attorney comes on board or office policies are updated, communicating with clients in a professional announcement from the practice is necessary. As law practice printing communication is more formal and less likely to be missed.
      Using a printed announcement is the best way to make sure that your clients and the legal community are apprised of critical information. Printed announcements are also ideal for revealing new partnerships or client acquisitions and add an air of formality and prestige over the use of electronic announcements.
    • Bound Documents: For some law practices, law practice printing extends to disposition documents that need to be professionally bound.
    • Contracts: Finalized legal contracts are often professionally bound as well and legal offices rely on quick, precise printers to finalize these critical documents. Professional printing companies can make sure that these bound contracts will meet all legal requirements as well as meet your practice’s expectations for this formal format for important documents like contracts.
    • Court Evidence Displays and Graphics: When trial supplies like evidence displays or posters are required, working with a printer that can produce accurate and timely posters and other printed supplies is vital.
      Easy to read, precise graphics may also be necessary and using a printer with a variety of available inks and printing options will make the legal team’s job a little bit easier.
    • Postcards: Communication with potential clients can be challenging, especially when canvassing those who might be part of a class action or other large lawsuit. Utilizing quick but effective communication tools like law practice printing postcards is a great way to initiate contact or provide information to a large group.

    Printing Keeps the Firm Running Smoothly

    Even with the convenience and immediacy of digital communication, law practice printing meets the ongoing needs of just about every type of legal environment. Whether your practice focuses on trial-ready supplies, is heavy into contract work, or wants to develop deep, meaningful connections to the community, law practice printing materials are a large part of keeping the firm running smoothly.

    And since professionally printed tools are integral to the legal world, firms that partner with a proven printing company like Dazzle Printing have one less priority to settle because they know that their law practice printing materials will look perfect, every time.


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