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  • Lead Magnet: A Great Way to Grow Your Business

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    How can a lead magnet help grow your business? Writing a book is more than an enjoyable challenge. If you are in business, a book with your name on it can be a powerful marketing tool. Many people successfully create a lead magnet with a book. You can do the same by using a book lead magnet to:

    • Market your service business.
    • Sell products.
    • Establish your authority as an expert.
    • Promote your courses.
    • Attract visitors to a website.
    • Turn interested prospects into buyers.

    What Is a Lead Magnet?

    A lead magnet, also known as an incentive, is something you offer customers that compels them to visit your website and—most important—sign up for an email list.

    You’ve probably seen these when you search for information on the internet. For instance, if you want information on installing a tile floor, you might see an offer pop up for “A free book that will help you avoid common mistakes when laying tile.” Have you ever looked for helpful tips on losing weight or becoming more mindful? You might get offers for “My free 10-day email course to become a mindfulness master” or “Get this free 6-week plan to blast fat once and for all.”

    How a Book Lead Magnet Work

    These offers always sound great, and the only thing you’re being asked for in return is your email address. You may have figured, “Heck, why not?” Even better, the course or the book turned out to be even better than you expected, and you felt the writer really helped you.

    If you ever want more help, now you know where to turn because you found a trusted source. And the next time you need information, you might be willing to pay for a more advanced book, plan, or course.

    That was a lead magnet. These free gifts—which can be anything from a physical product to a digital course—pull subscribers in like magnets by offering something irresistible on a topic that’s important to them.

    Know the 5 Basics of a Solid Lead Magnet

    Every lead magnet, whether it’s a leads with book offer or some other offer, consists of these five elements:

    • Offer: Make it attractive to your potential customers.
    • Call to action: This is what you want the reader to do (click on the form).
    • Landing Page: The page where they end up when they click.
    • Form: The page where they fill out their name, email address, and so on.
    • Welcome email: An automatic email welcoming them and thanking them for signing up.

    A book lead magnet takes some work, but they pay off with a marketing system that becomes automatic. Your leads will continue to work, even when you’re focused on other things.

    Book Leads Are a Strong Choice

    Using a book is an excellent choice for a lead magnet. People who are willing to download and read a book are, clearly, very invested in that topic or issue. Getting on yet another email list is not something people rush to do unless they feel they’re getting real value by doing so.

    A book is a valuable item, but it only works as a lead magnet if it’s full of relevant, engaging content. Our tips will help you create leads with book that will help you grow your business.

    Choose a Compelling Topic for a Lead Magnet

    This may seem like a simple step, but it’s important to focus on it. You may have dozens of different ideas for books you could write, but for this lead magnet, focus on just one. Remember, you can always author more books as magnets later.

    For now, pick a topic that you are knowledgeable about and enjoy. Don’t let yourself get bogged down writing about a topic that doesn’t really interest you. Writing a book as a lead magnet requires a solid investment of time and work. That work will go by more quickly if it’s not a subject that bores you to tears.

    What’s the Right Topic for Your Book?

    To choose the right topic, think about your potential readers. What is their biggest problem? What is the one obstacle they all want to overcome?

    If you know the topic, and you know your readers, the answer should become clear. The ideal subject for your book should be:

    • An answer to your readers problems, also known as their “pain points.”
    • Relevant to your business.
    • Something you know well.
    • Information that isn’t readily available through a simple internet search.

    Choose the Type of Book Lead Magnet You Want to Write

    Because most books address a specific concern, the best format for a free book is a how-to or self-help. Some defining features of these books is that they’re direct, highly practical, and often come with a numbered plan, checklists, or other ways for readers to stay on track with what they’re learning.

    However, books don’t have to be long. A good magnet book might be 20, 50, or 100 pages, instead of the 400 or more pages in a typical published book.

    Here’s another idea. If you don’t think you can tackle a full-length book, you don’t have to. You can “cheat” by offering the same information in a more condensed format. A shorter format is also easier for your reader—do they really want to read a full-length book? Here’s where it is important to know your audience. Some readers may feel that only a full-length book (of at least 20 pages) is worth signing up with their email. For others, a shorter format will be fine.

    Consider Alternatives to a Full-Length Book

    If that’s the case, consider writing something less than an actual book. For instance, here are some magnets that other websites have used successfully.

    Routines: These are great for people who need a set routine for something they do on a regular basis, like cleaning, decluttering, exercising, or staying on a budget. In most cases, people know what they’re supposed to do, but they don’t know how to do it in a consistent, sensible way. Routines are popular. Some influencers have gained big followings by presenting clearly organized cleaning checklists that tell people what to do each day, what to do weekly, and what to take care of every month.

    Checklists:  People learning to do something new, whether at home or at work, often benefit from a checklist that can help them stay on track. Use reminders and suggestions that allow them to measure their progress. For example, a checklist for someone who wants to improve their mental function could list daily and weekly tasks like “complete a crossword puzzle” or “learn one new word today.”

    Plans:  Fitness enthusiasts, marketers, dieters, and organizers all like using set, specific plans. Try writing a daily or weekly plan for someone who wants to learn a new skill, whether it’s embroidery, vegetable gardening, or investing in small stocks. A well-written plan will take them through the process step by step.

    Templates: Create templates for people who aren’t confident in their writing ability. Create sample letters, sales flyers, and emails for various occasions, and invite your readers to insert their own information (like name, address, or product) in the right spot. These are helpful time-savers that many people would find a use for.

    Leads with Book on Your Website

    In most cases, your lead magnet includes a link to a dedicated landing page on your website. This should be a clean, uncluttered page with landing page copy that matches what your offer stated. Make sure it’s a dedicated page that has no other copy and no other functions on it. If you have a professional website set up, it is easy to add a new landing page.

    Promote Your Lead Magnet on Social Media

    It’s important to get the word out about your free book or other offer. Use every opportunity you can to invite subscribers to sign up.

    • Social media accounts: If your readers interact on Twitter or Facebook, be sure you include a link to your offer when you comment on the subject.
    • Blog posts: If you write a blog post on a related subject, be sure to include a link to your offer. This includes guest posts that you write for other blogs.
    • Social media ads: Paid advertising will help you reach a wide audience of potential customers.

    Book Leads Are a Smart Investment in Your Business

    The right lead magnet can establish you as an expert, make you a trusted resource, and keep buyers coming back for more of your products or services. Setting one up is a smart investment of your time and efforts. If your business also needs high-quality printed materials, count on Dazzle Printing.


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