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  • Print Marketing and Posters: A Powerful Combination

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    Posters line the windows of frequently trafficked buildings and brochures are on the counter of nearly every coffee shop; however, not all of these print marketing efforts are successful. Since not everyone is successful with print marketing, one can only assume that there are certain “rules” that must be followed in order to achieve success.

    Take a look at the information below to learn how to integrate your poster printing and your brochure printing in the most successful way possible when attempting to broadcast a message to the public as a communal whole.

    The Importance of Community

    Everyone knows that human beings are wired for community. People cannot survive without other people; physical and mental health are both placed at risk when individuals seclude themselves for long periods of time. Obviously, community is important in nearly every aspect of life—including the field of print marketing.

    If the community is unaffected by a marketing effort, the effort is totally useless—no matter how many posters, brochures, letters, business cards, or any other form of printable media are pumped out and circulated. Logically, therefore, marketing messages must be produced and circulated in the most effective way possible; the message being portrayed must catch the attention of passersby, coffee shop goers, and other individuals in the community before any kind of impact can be made.

    Communication Solutions in Print Marketing

    Here at Dazzle Printing, we have been successfully helping individuals “get their message across” for years through print marketing. We have found that poster marketing and brochure marketing are very powerful and effective tools for community-wide outreach, especially when both posters and brochures are used together.

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    Two Are Better Than One

    Have you ever heard of the “buddy system?” Boy Scouts are taught at an early age that it is important to take along a “buddy” when tackling difficult tasks. This familiar concept can be loosely applied to the reasoning behind a poster and brochure marketing dual effort. Postering acts as the powerhouse for brochures by catching the attention of passersby.

    Once public interest has been piqued, it becomes only a matter of time before a nearby brochure gets picked up and browsed through. After all, people are going to be curious about what your beautifully designed poster is all about. Brochures add “meat” to the poster marketing strategy by supplying the public with valuable information concerning the message being broadcasted.

    For more information on how to design effective promotional posters, check out this file.

    Keep the information above in mind when attempting to market a message clearly and effectively. The “better together” system is a time-proven method that carries a great deal of potency. Try ordering your Dazzle Printing brochures and posters today to see your campaign thrive.


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