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  • Print Marketing Types That Could Benefit Your Business

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    Despite all the fanfare about digital marketing, especially in the hyper connected era we are living in, the use of print marketing types is still highly beneficial to businesses. For instance, printed marketing types have the potential to capture the attention of readers more easily, who will then read your marketing messages in-depth rather than just giving it a cursory glance. Print marketing types are also highly versatile, and in an increasingly competitive market, there exists many print marketing types your businesses can take advantage of.

    Print Marketing TypesBrochures

    Brochures are undoubtedly one of the most common forms of print marketing types. A brochure is a document that introduces your company, as well as the products and services it provides, in a compact manner. Due to its ubiquity, brochures might not seem like the most effective option, but this can be attributed to how most businesses are unable to make their brochures stand out, rather than a problem on the part of brochures.

    What businesses must do to capture the attention of potential readers is to ensure that their brochures are professionally designed with catchy illustrations. They should also use words in a clear and concise manner. When done correctly, they can enhance your business due to their cost-effectiveness.

    Business Cards

    These days, mobile phones are everywhere, swapping contact information has become very convenient, often sending a contact card or scanning a QR code. This, however, comes at a cost. While business cards might seem traditional, even old-fashioned, they provide you with a valuable opportunity to forge close personal connections with potential clients and customers, leaving a strong and long-lasting first impression.

    A professionally designed business card offers your company a credibility boost. Research has shown that nearly three in four consumers judge the value of a brand on the appearance and design of their business cards. There’s no surprise that in Asia, the distribution of business cards remains a very respectful act among newly made contacts. At Dazzle Printing, we offer business card printing services at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality or turnaround time. 

    Print Marketing TypesCalendars

    Calendars are one of the best print marketing methods to promote your business and its products. By handing out a personalized calendar, detailing your company’s plans for the upcoming year, you keep your customers and clients aware of the latest developments within your company. A calendar also creates goodwill on the part of your clients, as they will be provided with something useful. Calendars play an important role in our daily lives, allowing us to keep track of important events and tasks which must be tended to.


    A physical catalog, in contrast to an online one, provides a tangible shopping experience for customers. An online catalog, while useful, is unable to show as many items on screen at once, due to the considerably smaller size of your phone, hence a print catalog comes in handy here. They can often be found at the entrance of stores, allowing customers to grab a copy and browse through it while shopping. In fact, many people take them home, providing you with longer engagement time. Catalogs can also be mailed directly to homes, further reaching out to potential consumers.

    At Dazzle Printing, we provide affordable, yet high-quality catalog printing services with a fast turnaround time. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will reprint your order, or refund you if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work. 

    When you’re ready to print your print marketing types, be sure to check out Dazzle Printing. We offer a variety of printing products as well as numerous options to make your printing stand out.


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